Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Yumbox, making weaning easier.

So Sophia is now 10 months old. We are still breastfeeding but she eats solid food also. We started baby led weaning at 5.5 months but she would gag and it would put me off so we went onto purees. She would never eat more than a couple of mouthfuls of purree and it always felt forced. Then at 7 months old she had a couple of teeth so we went back to baby led weaning and she was like a different baby. She loves eating finger food and hardly ever gags. I think it made all the difference waiting until she was ready and had teeth.
So I have several baby cookbooks and I love making her different foods it's just not easy making sure that she has a balanced meal. Me and my husband eat processed fatty food such as burgers, pizza and curry etc and I don't want Sophia to eat anything bad. Especially whilst she is so young that she doesn't have a choice what she eats so we make sure that she eats a healthy balanced meal. The Yumbox makes this easier as it has several different trays all labelled with what to put in, protein, dairy etc. So when we go out I make Sophia a little healthy packed lunch and she loves it.
The tray is removable and it is dish washer safe. It is also air tight when closed so you can put yoghurt in one of the compartments and it won't leak. I love how it even has a small round compartment suitable for a dip.
I also love how it fits into her Pink Lining mini rucksack perfectly so I can still use my small mum on the run bag whilst I put her lunch in her own bag. She is too young to carry it yet but I hang it off the pram handle.
There are cheaper lunch boxes out there but they aren't as cute as this! I bought the older version as it was on sale the only difference is that the new updated trays won't fit in. I'm hoping that it will last a good few years and see her into nursery. Overall I would recommend the Yumbox as it's a great idea to keep a busy mum focused on feeding her child something healthy.

You can buy this box here
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