Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Current Autumn Wishlist

Here is what I am currently lusting after and it includes alot of Charlotte Tilbury. As a new mum I need to be practical as this bag from Fiorelli - the Mani tote could make a perfect baby changing bag as it would fit all my mummy necessities in and more.
I love the camel coats around at the moment but they are all dry clean only which I'm thinking isn't a good idea for me as just one bit of baby sick = a expensive trip to the cleaners. My favourite Charlotte Tilbury products are the Dolce Vita palette and one or two of the new matte revolution lipsticks. I really want to try Amazing Grace!

So this is my current wishlist :-)

Monday, 29 September 2014

Nars Dolce Vita Matte Lip Pencil

So I know that I am late to the bandwagon on this product but I have only just discovered that it existed.
I saw a picture on another blog (Killer Colours) of her wearing it and I instantly fell in love with the colour of it. It is a your lips but better colour and also matte lips are huge this season.
I have hunted and searched many online shops for this as it seems that it has been discontinued. I eventually found it on eBay after lots of perseverance.
It is so comfortable on the lips for a matte lip pencil and the colour is a perfect pairing for a smokey eye. It can be worn day or night and is a new staple in my handbag.
Nars also do this colourway in a sheer lipstick which is now on my wishlist.
Have you tried any Nars Dolce Vita products?

Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade Review

I have been loyal to my Benefit Brow Zings for a couple of years now which is both a powder and a wax product that I find can be time consuming to apply. So i was looking for something quicker to apply, I have tried brow pencils but for some reason I just cannot get along with them at all.
So after reading all the hype about the Anastasia Dipbrow I immediately wanted to try it.

I bought the shade dark brown after looking at numerous online swatches which was abit of gamble. The chocolate and dark brown look more or less the same.

This product is darker than my brow zings and I find it matches my brows very well and can look more natural than powder.
The staying power is immense with this stuff I struggle to get it off haha. I use my Anastasia no. 12 brush to apply it which I find it perfect. It has a spooley at one end and a nice stiff angled brush on the other.  A little of this product goes along way so once I have abit on my brush I dab any excess off on the back of my hand before I start as I don't want them to look to drawn on.

Overall yes it does live up to the hype and I am very happy with it. I am still getting used to it so I probably haven't shaved any time of my brow routine yet as I am trying to be so careful.

Have you tried this yet?

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Illamasqua Glamore Lipstick - Rosepout

I love makeup but my vice is no doubt lipstick! I am obsessed. I had never tried a Illamasqua lipstick before and I've only tried their cream foundation which I wasn't impressed by, it smelled plasticy and dried in patches on my skin.
Not to be put off as these Glamore lipsticks where calling my name - especially the shade Rosepout.

I gave in and purchased it and I'm so glad that I did. It is just beautiful! It is very pigmented and not drying at all, I can't stop reaching for it, I like the packaging and it doesn't smell bad.
As a new mum I don't have much time for makeup these days but this is just a great throw on even on a bare face. It is now a staple in my handbag.
The colour is very pretty and not too light pink which I half expected it to be. I honestly wasn't expecting much from this lipstick but I have been left pleasantly surprised! I have been reaching for it more than my new Charlotte Tilbury lipstick so that says something.
Have you tried any of the Glamore lipsticks?

Friday, 5 September 2014

Magazine advertising - is it getting ridiculous?

So I've recently just bought the travel size version of my favourite magazine - Elle (October 2014). I'm quite fussy I will only buy the smaller travel size of any magazine as if a shop has the larger one but no travel size I won't buy it. Anyway so I've bought it and as usual my handbag now weighs a absolute tonne. These travel size magazines are barely travel size anymore due to the insane amount of adverts in there.
I realised this last month when there was about 20 full pages of adverts just before the contents page Wtf!
To cut down the weight of my magazine and to prove a point I decided to rip out all the pages with double sided adverts. So this does not include all the one page ads with magazine content on the other side (which there are alot of) it also doesn't Include the Elle Promotion pages where a brand take up a few pages with what cleverly looks like magazine content about there products.
Anyway I ripped out 80 pages of double sided ads which equals 160 pages of adverts! and as I've mentioned this is no where near them all.
So well over a third of the magazine is adverts maybe half. So why is something with so many adverts priced at £4 usually (this one was on offer at £2). You have to ask yourself are we being ripped off?

I know magazines have to have adverts but this feels like a obsurd amount. Does anyone else feel the same? Have you noticed more adverts lately?