Thursday, 30 October 2014

Sneak peek at the Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Collection

This had been my most anticipated launch of the year and for Christmas I have got myself The Supermodel Look.
This includes the Fallen Angel palette, Confession lipstick and the Lucy in the sky with diamonds lip gloss. All these are limited edition and will sell out very soon.
They are as beautiful as I imagined.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Autumn/Winter Clothing Wishlist

There are so many awesome coats around this year and I probably won't be picking up a new one as I still have my trusty Topshop 3 in 1 Parka coat and a couple of others, but that won't stop me from wanting one though!
On my wishlist I have
*Ravel Washington Boots £80
*South Fur Collar Coat £65
*Camel Coat from ebay £20
*Fiorelli Mani Tote £65
Apart from the coats being pretty I love these over the knee boots from Ravel. The only question is will they fit over skinny jeans? I bought some knee boots from Iron Fist and annoyingly they don't fit over jeans so I hardly wear them.
I love the Fiorelli bag as it looks a good size like it would make a good baby changing bag. I have my Pink Lining Yummy Mummy one at the moment but I would like this as well as it's abit more stylish .
So this is my apparel Wishlist I may see what goes in the January sales.

My Christmas Wishlist

So it's that time of year and I admit I have already started my Christmas shopping.
Here is a round up of my wishlist for this year. It is mostly Charlotte Tilbury as this woman can just do no wrong lol.

Charlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel Palette - This is the perfect smokey eye palette. I have declared my love for it in many posts so I won't go on.

Charlotte Tilbury Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds Lipstick Lustre - I admit I only want this to complete The Supermodel collection as I already have the Confession lipstick. I am not blown over by it and a part of me thinks that this might make it come alive and me think oh yeah there it is? Who knows.

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick Charms -
Oh my these are the cutest mini lipsticks ever! You get 3 lipsticks which are Penelope Pink, Bitch Perfect and So Marilyn. What a great way to try them out as the first two look very similar from online swatches and you can't go wrong with a bright red. I wish she would do 3 matte lipstick charms that would just be amazing.

Slipknot, Korn Standing Tickets - well my husband has already bought this so it is kind of cheating but we do not have them in our hands to hold just yet. We missed out seeing them 5 years ago due to it selling out. We bought tickets on eBay for twice the price and then they never turned out. We got our money back but we have regretted not seeing Slipknot for years! We have seen Korn twice but we still love them as well. This will be a special trip as our daughter will be 6 months by this gig and I'm dreading leaving her for the evening but I know I have to and I will enjoy a rare night out with my husband.

Nars Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella - since I've got the Dolce Vita shade I can't get how comfortable and easy it is to wear and I know a bright red lip is high maintenance. I have the YSL Rouge pur couture in 01 and it is a pain in the arse to apply and maintain. I do love a bright red lip and I'm thinking that a matte formula is the way to go so watch this space. Yes I have tried the Rimmel Kate lipsticks but it is still not hitting the spot for me.

So that's my wishlist. What are you hoping for this year?

Charlotte Tilbury The Supermodel Look, Online Exclusive

So I have been waiting for The Supermodel look to be released for what feels like eternity and here it is! It is currently only available via the Charlotte Tilbury website but it will be released into shops soon.

It features the Fallen Angel palette £45
This is the perfect sexy smokey eye palette and the shadows can be used wet or dry. It is limited edition so I expect it to sell out fast.
K. I. S. S. I. N. G lipstick in the shade Confession £23  this is a tawny nude with flecks of gold throughout. Totally gorgeous!.
Lip Luster Gloss in the shade Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds £16.50. A pinky nude champagne with lots of sparkle.

You can buy this in a very special gift set with other items to recreate Charlottes Supermodel vision complete with a talking gift box for £200.
For me it's all about this gorgeous palette it just looks stunning.
I am also waiting for the mini lipstick charms as part of her Holiday release but these are not out until November.

Are you going to be buying any of the new Charlotte Tilbury range?

Friday, 10 October 2014

My favourite Mac nude lipsticks

Seeing as nude lips are a must have this Autumn I have picked out my 2 favourites and they both happen to be by Mac.

1. Mac pro longwear - To The Future (L)
2. Mac satin - Myth (R)

I absolutely love To The Future and it is my go to nude. I know everyone loves Myth so I like to wear something a little bit different than everyone else.
To The Future is more pink toned than Myth so it doesn't leave me looking to washed out. Mac lipsticks are so comfortable to wear and they have that good enough to eat vanilla scent.

What is your favourite nude lipstick?

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Casual #fotd

So here is my everyday makeup look, I am wearing the following:
* Garnier BB cream
* Benefit boi-ing concealer
* Benefit hello flawless powder
* Bobbi Brown blusher - pink coral
* Anastasia Beverley Hills dipbrow pomade
* Benefit High Brow
*Benefit most glamorous nudes eyeshadow kit
*eyeko liquid eyeliner
*Illamasqua Glamore lipstick - rosepout
I didn't mean for it to be so Benefit heavy but the products are from 2 kits one being  the How To Look The Best At Everything and the other being the World Famous Neutrals eyeshadow kit.
I would love to wear mascara but it rubs on my glasses which is super annoying. So I save it for contact lense days. 
I am loving the Anastasia dipbrow stuff it is amazing! I am now converted from powder. Sorry Benefit Brow Zings. X