Sunday, 30 June 2013

So I jumped on the BB bandwagon

I had been wanting to try out a BB cream for a while just to see what all the hype is about, so when I saw this Maybelline one on offer for £5 in Asda I couldn't resist.

I guess they are a alternative to foundation in the warmer months looking after your skin with SPF and still providing some coverage.
This one is the Maybelline Dream Pure BB creme in the light shade, it is marketed as being a 8 in 1 which sounds like BS to me.

I tried it out for one day and I have to say I'm not overly impressed as it didn't conceal my under eye circles and it didn't minimise the appearance of my pores. The most annoying thing about it though is that it is sticky! eew I didn't like how it felt on my face at all. The colour match was good and it did last all day but overall it felt like a cheap foundation. So sorry Maybelline this isn't for me.

As I did only try it for one day I will persevere and try it again now I've bought it just to see if I still feel the same way, but it hasn't put me off BB creams all together as I would like to try the Clarins one.

What is your favourite BB cream if any?

Jodie x

Vintage Fair finds

So while browsing Facebook this morning I saw that there was a local Vintage Fair on at Haigh Hall. This is a gorgeous Georgian manor house in my local town of Wigan. I got married there so it has a special place in my heart.
Anyway its my day off so I know I had to go to the fair.
I got there early in the day before all the bargains where snapped up, unfortunately I have recently spent all my spare money on make up and tattoos so I couldn't buy all that I wanted, but here are my bargains of the day.

1. Vintage handbag 1940s style - £4
As you know I love all things retro and rockabilly so one of these style handbags are a must. Lux de ville do nice modern versions but I'm happy to snap up a vintage one. This is such a find as a lady a couple of stalls down had similar ones for £30. The bag doesn't have any branding to it, it is nice and big inside with one main compartment and 2 smaller zip pockets.

2. Teapot that's also a cup - £5
So yes I know this isn't vintage but I've been after a teapot for ages. I've even scoured my local charity shops and not found one. So I was super happy to spot this. I love how it is retro themed and how it is a 2 in one.

3. Oversized bow ring - £1
Again not vintage but a steal at just £1. This is a item that I have searched eBay for in the past but there weren't any as nice or cheap.

This is all that I purchased but I did see some amazing things. One stall had all vintage dresses for £10, blouses and skirts £5. Unfortunately I didn't find anything that I liked or if I did like it then it wasn't my size.
There where lots of cupcake stalls which where very cute and looked yummy.
There was a couple of craft stalls that sold handmade bags and purses, I was very tempted with a handstitched notebook cover with book inside. They had some gorgeous one off designs that I new I wouldn't see again. That is the hard thing with vintage fairs you know you are unlikely to ever find that item ever again, it's now or never.

Overall I had a great day and they had a retro singer on too singing some of the old hits. It was like a step back in time to the war.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Pre payday mini haul

Too Faced - Summer Eyes
Stila Lip Glaze Stick - Orange
Ouidad - Moisture and Refreshing spray for hair
Dr Brandt - Pore No More cream.

I needed a little pick me up before payday because it's always depressing that last week waiting to get paid. So I though who needs to eat when you can look pretty, joke I love eating but I did just cut back and get cheaper food to afford my lovely goodies. Much to the disappointment of my poor husband.

So who else has done this on that last slog until payday which feels like eternity away?

I am very happy with my purchases. I was planning to get the Summer Eyes when I got paid anyway, but i saw it on sale and had to snap it up immediately and I'm glad that I did as it has now sold out on Beauty Bay's website.

The last 2 I got as samples with my Beauty Bay order, I have never heard of the brands but I am keen to test them out.

I have been eyeing up a Mac lipstick in the colour Ravishing all month as I want something with a good colour preferably in coral but it is a little on the pricey side.
I am also obsessed with these jumbo lip crayons and after seeing all the blog reviews I want to get my hands and lips onto the Boujous ones when they are out but however I searched the net for another decent one. I came across the Stila lip gloss ones and after seeing some colour swatches on a blog I decided to go for the orange colour. I am not disappointed as the colour is a vibrant bright peachy/coral. I am glad that I got it and for £4 off eBay I can't complain it is a bargain and feels great quality. The colour does only last for a couple of hours though.

Anyone got any mini hauls to perk themselves up too?

Jodie x

Too Faced Summer Eyes

After admiring this for ages in couldn't resist buying it when I saw Beauty Bay had it on sale, they have free shipping and there was about £6 off the RRP so I had to buy it.
It arrived quickly with standard free shipping and I can't wait to try out the colours.
You get 3 looks inside a daytime, classic and then fashion. It came with a shadow insurance sample and a little booklet of how to achieve each look.
I will go more in depth when I've tried it out but I love the colours in it, the coral and mermaid ones are my favourite. I wanted to get this as all the colour palettes that I seem to have at the moment are very neutral,
so I wanted something to brighten me up and make me feel summery.
The packaging is really nice, it feels well made and the tin has a nice weight to it. No cheap tat here.
I have never ordered with Beauty Bay before but I definitely will again as I was offered the choice to pay an extra £1.50 which made my order leave the warehouse quicker and you also get a free sample.
I was lucky enough to get 2 free samples which are:
* Ouidad Botanical Boost - the moisture infusing & the refreshing spray for your hair 75ml. This is aimed at curly hair which I don't have but I will still give this a spritz on my straight locks when they are feeling a bit dry and frazzled to see if it livens them up.
*Dr. Brandt pores no more vacuum cleaner - blackhead extractor cream 7.5g.
Ive never heard of this but my skin is prone to blackheads so I will test it out.
Have you ever heard of these products and what did you think?
I was nearly as excited enough at getting my samples that I was the actual product that I'd ordered.
Swatches: from. Top to bottom they are - toasted coconut, chocolate sun, cocoa beach, mermaid, coral crush, plumeria, seashell, peach fuzz and sunbeam. The last 2 haven't really shown up with the flash but they are very sheer glittery yellows. These swatches are done without a primer underneath so you can get a idea of the pigmentation of the colours .
My only negative thoughts on this pallette are is it really necessary to have 3 different browns and two other colours very similar as well the peach fuzz and the sunbeam. They are more or less identical. I do like all 3 looks quite a lot so I am getting my use out of this pallette so it isn't a waste of money. 

Jodie x

Saturday, 22 June 2013

My make up look from yesterday 21/6/13

So here is the low down on what I am wearing on my face today, most of it is by Benefit Cosmetics as usual:

* Porefessional primer for my nose and cheeks.
* Fake Up concealer under the eyes.
* Coralista blusher - this is my favourite.
* Coralista Lipgloss - I love how this isn't sticky.
* Brow Zings
* High Brow to highlight under my eyebrows.
* Collection Fast Stroke eyeliner.
* Jelly Pong Pong Fairly lashes mascara.
* Too Faced Shadow Insurance eyelid primer.
* World Famous Neutrals pallette in Most Glamorous Nudes, I went for the evening look which is the My Two Cents creaseless creme shadow with Glit-y Pleasure & Kiss Me, I'm Tipsy powder shadows.
* Eye Bright on the inner and outer corners of the eye and along the brow bone.
* Urban Decay De-Slick mattifying powder.

By the time this picture was taken I had had my make up on about 3 hours, I am stood next to a windows in natural light and you can see that my face still looks matte on a hot summers day.

I know I go on about Benefit too much but I am moving onto other brands to try and sample a bit of everything, I just can't afford to buy new products at the moment there are so many that I want.
- Jodie x

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder

For years I have tried different products to try and combat any unwanted shine. I'm not a oily monster or anything but I find my t-zone can get quite shiny. It probably doesn't help as I moisturise before putting my make up on but that's what we are supposed to do right. Cleanse, tone and moisturise before starting the day.

I found that the Kleenex shine absorbing sheets worked for me but I might have needed a touch up throughout the day but these I believe have been discontinued! I was gutted when I went to buy them from my local supermarket and they where gone so I began my search to look for something better.

I came across this product when reading a few blogs and I liked the look of it so I decided to try it out at my local Urban Decay counter at the Trafford Centre.
As my first Urban Decay purchase this didn't let me down, it feels very good quality as usually plastic compacts feel light and cheap but not this one. This has a good weight to it and feels very hard wearing.

The compact itself is dark purple with a gothic rose like design which is etched deep down underneath the surface. It looks really good. It comes with a mirror inside and a purple puff which has a nice UD brand detailing. The puff adheres to the mirror too due to the material of it which is handy.

The powder is white which might alarm some people but don't worry it is translucent, so there are no nasty white powder marks in sight I promise. It smells nice and feminine and is very light and delicate it is so easy to apply. The puff picks up just a little of product and it feels nice and silky and smooth on the face. It goes on very nice and instantly banishes any shine, this product is definitely a gift from the cosmetic gods! I recommend it for everyone. It is suitable for any skintone due to being translucent. It lasts quite a long time too I could probably go all day without a top up. It can be worn alone or over make up as the perfect setting powder. What are you waiting for ladies this is a must have for the summer.

Please let me know what you think about this product or what you would recommend for combating shine. Jodie x

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Liquid Eyeliner Comparison - Benefit Magic Ink V's Collection Fast Stroke

So I have recently started using liquid eyeliner as I think it looks better for retro eye looks. I went out and bought Benefits Magic Ink for £15.50 as you all know are my favourite brand and then I got my May Glossybox which had the Collection Fast Stroke eyeliner in it, so my question was which is better?
The Collection one only retails at £2.99 compared with Benefits £15.50 made this a important comparison for me.
I have done a YouTube video demonstrating my comparison below, so please watch it so you can decide which is best for yourself.
Benefit Magic Ink £15.50 for 2.5ml -
* Trusted Brand
* Cute packaging as always
* Thinner nib for more precision
* Pricey
* Not waterproof
Collection Fast Stoke £2.99 for 3.5ml
*You get more in
* Waterproof
* Smooth application
* Cheap
* Looks just as good as premium brands
* Not as much precision as the Benefit one.
I will definitely use them both but when they run out it will be the less expensive Collection one that I will be purchasing sorry Benefit.

Monday, 17 June 2013

June Make Up Haul

So we are now mid June and I have tried out all my Glossy box items and looking for something new. Here is what I have recently picked up to add to my collection.

Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder
I'm not going to talk to much about this as I love it so much it warrants having its own post. This is a must have item for me this summer as it keeps my complexion looking matte all day. It smells and looks pretty too - bonus.

Avon Glimmersticks Eye Brow Pencil - Dark Brown
I got this free with the June issue of Marie Claire and have only just tried it out. It gives a good result and it will be perfect to carry around for any brow mishaps. However bit won't be replacing my Brow Zings anytime soon.

Elf Shine Eraser Sheets
I bought these as Asda have discontinued the Kleenex shine sheets which worked wonders for me, so I was looking for a alternative. I bought these blotting sheets off eBay but they are rubbish I miss my Kleenex ones. Anyway I've since bought the Urban Decay Mattifying powder so I don't need to worry about shine anymore. I wouldn't bother with these as they don't do anything apart from waste your time.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
I have seen reviews about this on other blogs and it always makes the eyeshadow colour look more vibrant so I'm looking forward to trying this out as I haven't had chance to yet. I'm waiting until I get the Summer Eyes pallette so I can try them out together but I am expecting big things for this product.

Model Co Lip Enhancer - Illusion Lip Liner
I got this free with this month's July Glamour magazine and I haven't tried it yet. The box looks good but when I took the product out it felt cheap. I do like how it has a sharpener on the lip though.
On the box it says it is nude and I was hoping it would be like Benefits invisible lip liner as I have been wanting to try that for awhile, but when I have switched the colour it looks really brown and will probably be too dark for me. So up to now I am not impressed but will test it out and report back soon.

Jodie x

Benefit They're Real Mascara Review with before and after pictures

This is my favourite mascara hands down as I have tried others but they don't compare.
I got this mascara with my She's So Jetset kit but when It runs out in will definitely buy the full size.
It's brush is nice and sturdy but flexible too, it is made of rubber and works better at separating the lashes compared with a bristled fibre one.
In the before and after pictures I have no eyeliner on so you can see the lashes better and I for the after picture I put on 3 coats of the mascara.

What do you think? What is your favourite mascara ladies?

Sunday, 16 June 2013

My Summer Wish List

Here are my favourite items that are currently on my wishlist :

Ted Baker Lingar Handbag - Nude Pink
I love everything about this it is the perfect size to carry what I would want it to, the colour of it is gorgeous and it would be perfect for summer.
I currently have the Mardun bag which I adore but the handles don't fit over my shoulder so I have to carry it by hand and it can often be heavy, so in the summer I don't want to be lugging this around. I would like a across the body bag to keep my hands free and to keep me more comfortable when it's hot.

New Look Aztec Print Voile Maxi Skirt - Black
So the Aztec is back in fashion this summer and I quite like the more subtle Aztec looks. All are too bright and crazy for me but this is just right. I also love the fact that it's a maxi skirt as I am not a fan of short skirts this summer. Maxi skirts are perfect for keeping cool and are far more comfortable than skinny jeans bring them on. I could happily wear these all the year through. They look. Look great with some sandals or Converse.

Too Faced Summer Eye Pallette
I can't wait to own this as the colours are gorgeous! This pallette is a remake of the 2012 version with one shadow different and new packaging. So if you bought it last year you probably wouldn't buy it this year but luckily for me i didn't so this is definitely next on my list to buy. I love anything coral at the moment so this will be perfect to wear over the summer.

Converse Hi Ness Wedge Shoe - White
I went to the Trafford Centre last night and saw these, needless to say it was love at first sight! I love how they are not too high so they will be comfortable as well as chic.

Benefit Stay Flawless Primer
I feel like I have to try everything new by Benefit as they can do no wrong in my eyes. This is to keep all make up in place for a whole day. A lot of people complain about their makeup doing a disappearing act in summer when it's hot so this is to stop that. It will lock it in place and help to keep it matte for 15 hours. So bring on looking flawless for a whole day in the beer garden.

So what's on your wishlist ladies please share :-)

Thursday, 13 June 2013

My 3 favourite Benefit make up bags and why I use them all

Can you manage with just one make up bag? I know I can't. I like to be organised not crazy alphabetical organised but not far off?
So why do I need 3 makeup bags I hear you ask, greed? Yes maybe but they really do all have a purpose i promise. 

Small: Benefit Bermuda Betty, I got this little square one to carry around daily in my handbag. I don't want to be lugging around any extra weight than I have to, my handbag weighs a tonne anyway. Inside here I keep all my basic essential like lip gloss, concealer, eye bright and also it has a mirror inside.

Medium: Benefit Glamorous Gabbi, I love the style of this as you can just dump everything in and it's easy to find it again. It has pockets for your individual brushes on one side and a big deep pocket on the other side. But as this is my secondary make up bag which I don't keep my brushes in anyway I use it for storing any makeup that isn't Benefit. I also got this to store my glossy box goodies than I plan to use. I have only recently got this one so it does look a bit on the empty side at the minute but I have big plans for it.

Large: Benefit Beauty bag travel size, this is my pride and joy as it is full of all my Benefit favourites. It is nice and big so it fits the kits in, I like to keep them all neatly stacked together and then all the tube items stood up to the other side of the bag. It has a zip clear pocket to the back which I keep some small items in and my brushes.

Please share you make up bag with me, how many do you have and what size do you use?
Please leave a comment with a link to your blog and I will check it out :-)

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Benefit Some Kind a Gorgeous - Lite

I hardly use foundation because I don't like my make up to look to built up and fake. I have the Benefit Hello Flawless powder but it has recently crumbled into a million pieces which sucks as I don't remember dropping it. Anyway I bought this a few months ago as it marketed as a foundation faker so it should make my completion look good but feel lightweight on my skin and not give a cakey make up look.

First thoughts: the packaging as always is divine! I am a sucker for something pretty and this is no exception as it is the shape of a record.

I got the shade lite which is the lightest that they make and it is perfect for my skin. It has a separate compartment underneath with a sponge for application. I prefer to use a foundation brush with this as the sponge feels a bit flimsy and cheap.

How does it fair: I do like the look of this is on my skin as it gives good coverage and I like the colour, but it does have a light scent which isn't to appealing. It smells a bit plasticy. Also it looks a bit shiny when on so overall this isn't my favourite complexation product.
I really want to try the Benefit playstick next. I won't use liquid foundation as it's not my thing and it feels like too much faffing about getting ready.

Verdict: 3/5 this is nothing special in my eyes.

Too Faced eye shadow 3 brush set

So I am a novice with make up brushes as I only have the eye shadow brushes that have come with palettes in the past and a mini Body Shop brush set. I have a Lancome foundation brush which is my only decent one.

With my Benefit Jetset kit it came with a small double sided sponge applicator which is absolutely rubbish and since I have bought some eye shadow palettes that don't come with brushes I've been keeping a eye open for a decent brush set. There are some good ones around but very pricey at £15-£20 per brush.

I saw some good reviews of this set and at £30 for 3 brushes it isn't the cheapest but they are good quality.
They are made from teddy bear hair which is very soft and gives a professional application.
They are pretty to look at to in dusty pink and go with my vintage make up theme. These are full size and come with a instruction leaflet as how to use them.

The brushes are:

Blender brush - this is the biggest one and is used for contouring powder in the crease of the eye.

Powder brush - for applying powder to the whole lid of the eye and can be used to get the best smokey eye effect.

Liner brush - used for lining the eyelid and also doubles up as a smudger.

These are great brushes to start off my collection but Too Faced do make a bigger brush collection that will definitely be on my Christmas list.
What brushes do you use?

Monday, 10 June 2013

In a rush, running late? Check out my 5 minute makeup routine

If I'm running late and need to be out of the house quick here are my go to products to get a flawless look that will get me out of the door quick:
Step 1: Benefit Porefessional - 30 seconds
I squeeze a small pea sized amounts of this on the back of my hand and apply by pressing it into the skin. I use this at the sides of my nose and on top of my nose where I find my pores to be at their most visible.
Step 2: Benefit Fake Up concealer - 30 seconds
I do one swoop under each eye and pay let gently with my fingers to blend.
Step 3: Benefit Peek a Bright Eye's kit - 2 minutes
With the fluff brush apply the base shadow, then dab in the contour shadow and blend into the crease of the eyes concentrating on the outer corner. Then dab in the pearly pink shadow and apply to the centre of the eyelid.
Now use the liner brush and the dark contour shadow to line the top eyelids.
With your first finger apply the eye bright creme on the inner and outer corners of each eye and blend well. Then swipe across your brow bone and blend you will now look nice and awake.
Step 4: Benefit Fine One One - 1 minute
Swipe the stick from the apple of your cheeks up towards your temple do this 2-3 times on each cheek to build up colour, lightly blend with finger. Now swipe across the lips and gently blend to give the lips some colour.
Step 5: Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara - 1 minute
Apply a couple of coats to each eye to build up to the desired length and volume.
5 minutes gone and you are ready to leave the house gorgeous. X

Benefit World Famous Neutrals - Most Glamorous Nudes Ever

I'm a sucker for any of the Benefit kits they are always gorgeous and are a great way of testing out the products before buying any full size ones.
Most of them have a how to guide as well which show you how to use the make up step by step to get your desired look.
I decided to go for this eyeshadow pallette over the other 2 available as the colours of the shadows are great for everyday. You can easily go from day to night within this one pallette. Also with them being neutral shades I can wear them to work. The sexy pallette that they do is gorgeous too but I wouldn't get as much use of it as I do this one. I have had it a few months now and It is my go to eye pallette on a daily basis. Also you wouldn't think it from looking at it as it still looks new. This will last for ages!

My first impression of it was that it was smaller than I thought it is tiny, but as we know good things come in small packages ;-)
It is designed to look like a book and it has a magnetic closure. You don't get any brushes with it which was a bit of a negative for me but overall i love it!
Inside you get 2 creaseless creme shadows and 4 longwear powder shadows which are:
Creme shadows - Birthday Suit & My Two Cents
Powder shadows - Call My Buff, Glit-y Pleasure, It's Complicated and Kiss Me, I'm Tipsy.

They all complement each other perfect of course and you get a make up lesson inside which shows you how to achieve the most  glamorous daytime and night time looks using the shadows. My favourite is probably the daytime one as I love the highlight shadows as they really help me to look awake.

In the swatches the colours from L to R are: birthday suit, my two cents, call my buff, it's complicated, gilt-y pleasure and kiss me, I'm tipsy. All the colours are nice and pigmented and last all day. You can even use the darker one to line the eyes if you don't have a liner handy. This kit is very light and would be perfect for travelling or everyday use.
What is your favourite pallette in any brand?

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes Mascara

I got this with my May Glossybox and I was interested in trying it out. I had seen some bad reviews around but I wanted to give it a test run before commenting. I have seen this for sale on ASOS in the past as that is where I first heard about the brand. This is the first mascara by Jelly Pong Pong and the first product of there's that I have tried.

- It is waterproof.
- Good value for in a Glossybox as this retails at £14.
- it lengthens the lashes well.
- it feels lightweight on the eyes.
- it lasts all day.

- not the best packaging. The box does look like it should have perfume inside.
- the wand is crap.
- it clumps my eyelashes together after a few coats.
- the mascara breaks off.
- not much volume.

This is good as part of my Glossybox but I wouldn't buy it otherwise especially not for that price. It is a bit meh to be honest but I've definitely had worse this just doesn't live up to the other premium brands that I've tried.
I will continue to use it to see if I'm wrong but today it didn't impress me that much. It does define the lashes and lengthens them but the wand isnt that great, it made my lashes clump together and look a bit spidery. It doesn't give much volume at all so it leaves my lashes looking a bit flimsy and thin. I will stick to my Benefit They're Real.
Overall 3/5

What is your impression from my before and after picture?

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Glossybox May 2013 - My First One

Hi so I am a bit late to the party on this one and I am so glad I joined! I joined the end of May and received both my May and June boxes on the same day. I blogged about my June box first as I thought that was the one people would be the most interested in as the contents had not yet been released online. Out of the May items that I've seen online I am happy with my box as this is the second part of their 2 year anniversary collection. Here is what I got:

Collection - Fast Stroke Eyeliner Black
I am so happy about this even though it is a lower value product as I am loving liquid eyeliners right now. I use my Benefit Magic Ink daily so I was keen to give this a test run today and I love it. My favourite thing about it is the solid pointed brush like a felt tip as it makes it easier to disperse the ink across my eyelid. Sometimes the brush in my Benefit one can feather and cause mistakes but I will definitely be using both in the future. Also as a bonus this is waterproof.
Full size 6ml worth £2.99.

Jelly Pong Pong - Fairy Lashes Mascara Black
I had seen a couple of bad reviews on this but I am impressed with it as it is good at lengthening my lashes and didn't clump. The key to this one is to not use too much causing it to clump also to help wipe any excess off the brush before using. It is waterproof which is great bonus so overall I am impressed with this and will continue to use it. I have seen it on sale on asos and have been keen to try the brand for a while.
Full size 18ml worth £15.

Headline Colors Poolside Party Nail Polish - Gunmetal
This is a dark grey black colour so not a colour I would wear everyday on my nails but I am looking forward to trying it out. This brand of polish is growing in popularity at the moment as the colours are a rich pigment that are meant to be bright and last well. They are also toxin free which is good.
Full size 10ml worth £9.

Awapuhi Wild Ginger Shine Spray
First of all this smells amazing as I would expect from any Paul Mitchell product. This spray is meant to condition and protect the hair at the same time as making it shine and smell fabulous this really is a wonder product and I have loving wearing it today. A good thing about it as it doesn't weigh the hair down and make it greasy. I love this one!
Full size 125ml worth £18.95.

Beautiful Movements Cosmetics - Prime & Create Mixing Medium
I have left this one to last as in don't really know what to say about it as in don't really know what it is haha. Apparently it is a clear aloe Vera based gel which can be turned into a foundation, blusher or eye shadow. Glossybox says that you can wear it alone for a matte primer on the face or it can be mixed with other cosmetics for endless uses. The one that sounds the most interesting is mixing with pigments to make a creme eyeshadow or eyeliner. It sounds cool but I'm still not sure what to do with it so I'll have a think and get back to you.
A full size 20g is worth £20, you get 2.5g.

I also got some free supercute Glossybox nail files which are perfect handbag size. The small Green & Black's chocolate I think was free with my June box and has ended up in here. Thank you for the treats Glossybox!

My June 2013 Glossybox treats

Hi I am a newbie to Glossybox but squealed like 5 year old when I saw the treats in store when I opened my June box.

Here is the low down:

Figs & Rouge - cherry blossom tinted lip balm.
I love how this is 100% natural and full of goodness as well as gorgeousness. I am so glad that I got the cherry blossom colour and not the coco rose colour as I wouldn't have liked it as much. This is my favourite product from this month's box.
This is a full size product at 12.5ml worth £5.00.

Organic Surge - Super-Intensive Daily Moisturiser.
I will have to give this a test run before reporting back but first try and it is more solid than I thought it would be when I first dipped my finger in. It smells very natural but I'm not sure if I like it or not. I will be using this on my hands and body as I am still using my trusty Benefit facial one at the moment. This feels good quality so I can't wait to see how it works it's magic on my dry hands. Update 9/6/13 I just can't get used to the smell of this it is repulsive which is a shame as it seems like a good product but but I can't get passed the foul smell.
Full size 50ml worth £8.99.

Nails Inc - Portobello
I love love love the colour of this! I will be wearing this later today. I don't usually wear nail varnish much but I will try this out. It is a neon coral colour which looks amazing. It is a perfect colour to help me feel more summery from a good brand.
Full size 10ml is worth £11, but you get 4ml.

Paul Mitchell Curls - Full Circle Leave-In Treatment & Ultimate Wave.
I am a huge Paul Mitchell fan as his hair products are my favourite. These products are to help give the the perfect beach hair like Sienna Miller and Kate Bosworth. The leave in treatment into prevent frizz and the other Ultimate Wave is to add texture to beach waves. There is a few products out there at the moment like salt sprays etc to get this look but I am expecting nothing less than first class from PM. My first thought was erh I have straight hair! But I may try some chic waves this summer.
Full size leave in treatment at 200ml is £14.95, you get 15ml.
Full size Ultimate Wave at 150ml is £11.95, you get 15ml.

Helen E Cosmetics - Lip Pencil in Shade 7.
This is my least favourite product in the box purely because I probably won't use it. I would have preferred the lip crayon but oh well. The colour does look a little too dark for me but I will see if it matches one of my lip sticks. I know lip liners make all the difference when wearing lipstick to stop fading. I like how this one is waterproof so it should last even longer.
Full size 1.3g is £8 you get 1.2g.

So this is June's Glossybox and I am not disappointed. What is your favourite?