Monday, 31 December 2012

My favorite day and evening wear lipsticks

This Maybelline Super Stay 24hr Colour is great for everyday or party wear. I have it in 2 colours. I have a bright red called 510 Red Passion which is for when I'm going out and the other Forever Heather is for everyday wear. It comes in two parts, one is the lip stain which you apply and leave to set for a few minutes then apply the balm. It's the balm which helps to keep the colour. I ate out at Nandos the other day and ate my meal and had 2 drinks and this lipstick was still perfectly applied. You don't need to be afraid to have a drink with this one as usually you have a drink and all your colour is gone. It's a bargain at less than a tenner and it lasts for ages too.
My favorite lipstick is Lancome L'Absolu Nu in Rose which I wore on my wedding day it is super comfortable to wear and I have a matching lip liner which is important to use as it helps to keep the colour longer. I only wear my Lancome ones on special occasions as it is rather pricey.
If you want the colour to last longer with a normal lipstick here's a little tip. After applying your foundation use a bit of face powder over your lips as a base, then use the lip liner around the edge of your lips and colour your lips until your about half way in and then finally apply the lipstick and blend them in together. This will give you longer wear. I still carry a mini version of the lipstick around in my handbag just in case I need to reapply. It is important that your lip liner is exactly the same shade as your lipstick so that means buying the same brand and colour so you know for definite or it will look odd. It looks ugly when people have a dark outline around the whole of their lips because of their liner. Not everyone wants to look like Jodie Marsh.

Ugg boots are like marmite

Everyone either loves or loathes them and I love them. I had some a couple of of years ago but threw them away after I'd worn them out.
I did try some Iron Fist fug boots if you've seen my post about it then you will know that they were rubbish. So I was determined to save up some money and invest in some nice warm Ugg boots for this winter.
I decided on the grey short ones and I love them already! Usually when I come home from work I take off my Nike Mavrks and socks and my feet still feel cold to touch, which is crazy I know but I'm always cold. So I came home from work after wearing my Ugg boots for the first time with no socks and my feet where toasty warm I was in heaven :-)
So even if Ugg boots aren't the prettiest thing or the most rock chick thing to wear they are my guilty pleasure this winter.

Friday, 28 December 2012

Vans cute bow coin purse

On a day to day basis I use my bigger Iron Fist purse as it fits all my cards in etc but I love this little purse for a night out or if I'm using a smaller handbag.
The material feels really good quality and the fact it has a big bow on the front is a huge plus for me as I love anything with bows on.
It also has a keyring at the top which I find useful to attach my door key to on a night out. It's designed so you can attach it to your jeans loop so you don't need to take a bag out with you but I wouldn't use it for that as it would bug me bouncing around and I think it would look stupid.
Vans have called it the skulls and bows purse but I can't see a skull in sight so that's kind of odd, but overall its very cute and also practical so I give it the thumbs up :-)

I was lucky enough to get this item for free from my Vans rep, this is one of my favorite things about working in a skateboard/bmx shop as we sometimes get free samples. It helps me to sell and promote the brand and looks good to customers if we are seen using it ourselves. Also i love getting samples as you get to use them before they even hit the shops! So you are always one season ahead. If I'm shopping on eBay I always look for brands selling there samples as they are usually cheap.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Animal knitted mittens

Mittens are definitely one of my winter must haves and I have chosen to rock these by Animal this winter as I love the home made knitted look and the bright colours. They are super cute and they are as warm as they look too.
I've hardly had them off when I've been outside.

A few of my favorite boxing day bargains

Lancome loose powder £15 - Lancome is by far my favorite make up brand and this is a great bargain!
If money was no object my make up bag would be only Lancome. Sale price found at Debenhams.

Benefit fast train to fabulous £26.33 - Benefit stuff is great and this makes a great gift for yourself or for someone else! It's worth it just for the Benetint!
I use this for my cheeks, it's my favorite blusher ever. Sale price found at Debenhams.

Remington Pearl hair straighteners £32.25 - At less than half price these are great. I would only ever use Remington before getting my GHD's as I have tried the other brands and found them no comparison, they where all crap. So now my GHD's are dying on me and I didn't want to fork out £100 so I have settled on these. They have raving reviews so hopefully they will live up to the hype fingers crossed. Sale price found on Amazon & sold by Amazon.

Moda animal print dress £9.50 - I am a huge fan of leopard print and couldn't resist this especially because they only had my size left it must have been meant to be :-)
Sale price found on Asda direct.

George PU front top £7.50 - This caught my eye as I like all the leather looks about at the minute. I can imagine it teamed with my Iron Fist Catnip leggings and some black heels for a night out. 
Sale price found on Asda direct.

George entice floral bra £6 - I really like this but as I can't try it on I will just have to hope it fits ok. It looks really pretty but the fact it says max cleavage worries me slightly as sometimes if the bra is padded a lot the cups won't be big enough, but for £6 ill take a chance.
Sale price found on Asda direct.

Well that's the end of my bargain hunting and I've worked up a appetite so its time for me to go get some dinner. Happy shopping everyone! X

Christmas sales?

Well Christmas is over for another year and I had a great time with my family.
I got some great gifts and I am thrilled.

The big question is: will I be hitting the sales?
The simple answer is no, I can think of anything worse than wasting a rare day off work to queue and scrap about through the rails upon rails of clothes that are in no particular order then leave frustrated that the only gem I found wasn't in my size.
I do love a bargain but I will stick with online shopping where I can stay at home nice and warm in my pj's with my cats on my knee and a brew in hand.

The media is just pushing shop sales in our faces everywhere I turn but it's not for me.
I'm not really a spontaneous shopper I like to plan outfits in my mind and know what I want then go and get it.
I will be rooting around online and will post back here with any great must haves that I find.

Monday, 24 December 2012

My hair styling products

I wash with TRESemme smoothing shampoo and conditioner and then the hard part of styling begins. My hair is thick which if I leave it to dry naturally it takes about 12 hours and will dry wavey so I always blow dry and then straighten.
At the minute my hair is in a shoulder length angled bob so I can't just not be arsed and tie it up one day, as it won't fit into a bobble so styling it is a must.
In no particular order here are the hair styling products and tools that I use on a regular basis.

TRESemme - Iron style and hold spray:
I use this after I wash my hair I slightly towel dry my hair and then use this spray all over my hair about 5 squirts. Then I comb and part my hair to the right hand side. This is used to prevent heat damage when styling.

TRESemme - volume powder: I don't use this all the time but I like to have it in, it gives my hair that extra lift from the roots. Also with it being white powder you think it would leave white dandruff like flakes in your hair especially with mine being so dark, but it doesn't it is amazing.

Hair clip: I use this to clip my hair up in sections while I style it. I wouldn't even like to attempt styling my hair without doing it in sections. My hair is quite thick so it takes ages to dry and style. I usually do it in quarters.

Wide tooth comb - I use this to comb and part my hair while it's still wet. I don't brush it when it's soaking wet as it is bad for your hair and causes split ends.

Tigi Small Paddle Brush - for blow drying it straight.

Tigi Medium Radial Brush - for blow drying the ends under and helps to give volume. I mostly use this brush when blow drying as I like it all curled under at the bottom.

Backcombing brush - I don't use this very often but it is for backcombing the back to give it extra lift and volume. I use this along with the TRESemme volume powder.

Nicky Clarke Hairdryer - I've still not picked up the perfect art of blow drying hair like my hairdresser does. But I've picked up a few tips.

GHD Staightners - I need some new ones soon as they keep turning off I'm guessing to a loose connection boo. They are great straighteners though. They heat up super fast and straighten nice and smooth.

Remington hot brush - I use this after I've straightened it just to make sure all the ends are turned under.

TRESemme hairspray to finish off. This smells really good too :-)

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Iron Fist Lounge Leopard Lace Bag

Even though my Abbey Dawn handbag is relatively new and I love everything about it. I just can't resist this beauty.
I plan to alternative between the two or so I am telling myself that.

This features the Lounge Leopard print to the front with pretty black lace over the top.
The bag is faux leather and the back is just black pu with a zip compartment.
It comes with a long strap but I will just use the top handle.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Iron Fist Samhain tie back top

I have bought this solely to wear over my Ironfist Catnip leggings as it is plain and longish length.
I don't want to wear anything else with a print on with the leopard print leggings as it will look too much.
Also I love the fact it is a longer length top as it will be more flattering to my figure and also more comfortable.
The waist tie helps to make it look feminine.

Iron Fist Sailors Lament Hoody

I'm not a huge fan of hoodies, but because I work in a skate/bmx shop where we don't have a uniform I find I'm most comfortable in a nice hoody and jeans, And this hoody is definitely that.
I love it! again carrying on with my liking of all things nautical.
I can't wait to wear this to work :-)

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Oasis 2 tone across body nautical bag

I can honestly never get bored of anything nautical. I bought this bag from Oasis @ Debenhams for my birthday this year and I adore it!
It has a polka dot print interior which is really cute.

It is designed to be worn across the body but you can just carry it with the handle of top. The only problem with this is that if you have anything in it that can be weighty it will pop open which is really annoying.
Overall a great bag and great for any nautical fan.

I have a coat that goes with this perfectly which I will post soon so I usually team this bag with that, skinny jeans and my anchor navy wedge shoes.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Cat shoes

These are super cute! I first saw them on Instagram when Candice Accola posted a picture on her wearing some very similar. Also Taylor Swift has some.
So I was inspired and searched the internet for some similar.
Thankfully my lovely husband bought them me as a present.

Skincare favorites

I am quite a loyal person so when I find a product is like I tend to stick with it.
This is what skincare products I use on a daily basis.
I find these L'Oréal products leave my skin feeling nice and fresh and really clean.
I am lucky that I've never really suffered from spots but I find using this 3 step process keep my skin nice and healthy.
1. Cleanser
2. Toner
3. Moisuriser

If I wear make up I always use my Lancome make up remover before using these products. I also have a clean and clear facewash that I use in the shower.
I would like to try some more fancy skincare products but I am happy with these for now as I don't like changing products on my skin incase it isn't as good. Overall these are great value they are about £12 for the lot which isn't too bad.

My handbag essentials

Here are my handbag must haves that I carry with me everyday:

Spare phone battery
Kleenex balsam tissue
Nivia anti perspirant
Impulse body spray
Vials of my favorite perfume - Gucci Rush & Paris Hilton
Monthly bus ticket
Animal mittens
Extra chewing gum
Nivia Hand moisturiser
Blistex lip moisturiser
Phone/glasses cleaning cloth
Phone screen cleaner
Headache tablets
Maybelline 24hr lip colour in forever heather
HSBC online banking keycard

Monday, 17 December 2012

Vans X Junk Food

I am super excited about this collaboration! They have quite a few pieces but these 2 tops are my favorite.
They are due out anytime for Vans 2012 Holiday range and I have pre ordered these tops. I will have to hassle Vans when I'm back in work tomorrow to see when we will get these as I don't want to wait any longer.
As they have such a wide neck I intend to wear one side off the shoulder as this is how it was marketed in the Vans catalogue and I think it looked better that way.
I will he teaming these with skinny jeans and my Vans Palisade Vulcs. #cantwait

Fashion hits and misses of the year.

2012 has seen a lot of fashion trends from the good to the bad to damn right ugly. Here is my take on the fashion trends of the year:

- Oversized parka coats, I'm so glad these are back in, everyone should have one.

- Fishtail dip hems, I love this style as you can still wear a short skirt or dress but it covers the back of my thighs, an area I don't like to display. New look did some great dip hem skirts this year. I got a leopard print one from Primark that I wore on my hen night, teamed with a black vest top.

- Faux fur coats, I have always loved these as they are a great way to dress a outfit up. Also I am always cold so a jacket is a necessity for me on a night out. The only down side is that they are usually dry clean.

- Cat prints, since Victoria Beckham released a cat print dress for Spring 2012 loads of high street stores have been copying it. Since I am a crazy cat lady I have been loving the trend.

- Pale pink lipstick, this was a thing earlier in the year and I don't think it looked good on anyone. It is too pale and looks very odd and is unflattering for any skin colour.

- Onesies, everyone seems to have one from my 11 year old sister to my 53 year old mother and I do not intend to follow the crowd with this one. I am not a fan I will stick with my Pj's.

- Ostrich feather style jumpers, these are just ugly and make you look like a extra from Sesame Street.

My wedding dress

Well I could talk about how much I love this dress all day long, what can I say it is a perfect princess dress.
It is by Mori Lee and from the Blu collection number 4614. I bought it from a lovely shop called Solitaire Bridal in Bolton as I didn't want to buy one offline as I wanted to see it and of course try it on.
It is light ivory in colour, I think they called it pearl colour and it has a sweetheart neckline with a small train. It is a lace up back and has diamanté detailing.
It is incredibly heavy and I had to have the biggest underskirt that the shop supply just to give it that big ballgown effect.
I love this dress and I won't part with it, it is currently stored away in my bedroom.
As I am always cold I teamed this with a faux fur bridal shawl when I needed it on the day. I felt like Snow White ^_^ Overall I would not have changed my dress at all it was perfect for me.

Lipsy oyster pink frill dress

This is my favorite party dress that I currently have and I bought it for my cousins wedding.
It is very flattering and I love the mix of satin and chiffon.
I love the delicate pink colour. I wore this with opaque black tights, black heels, black clutch bag and a matching pink and black feather fascinator.

Reko Paris dress

I had a phase where I was obsessed with Reko dresses and this is my favorite one. Even though they are marketed as dresses I'd say they are too short so I will always wear this over leggings or even over jeans.
It is great for casual or party wear. It goes great with anything I usually team it with my Iron Fist Set Your Sails cardigan and my anchor wedges :-)

Anchor wedges

These were a bargain from eBay I think there were only about £15 new.
They are comfy and I love the fact that the heel isn't very high which makes them great for everyday wear.
They are great teamed with dresses in the summer or skinny jeans and a tshirt.

Vans Ponce

This is a unusual one but I think that's why I like it.
It's simple and comfy and it is available in black or heather grey and I went for the black.
This is from Vans Spring Summer 2012 range. It is a generous fit as it is oversized.
I team this with a tee and skinny jeans, my Vans Palisades Vulc shoes and my Vans Swingin Briefcase purse :-)

Vans Swingin Briefcase Purse

I absolutely adore this bag!
It was for the Vans Spring Summer 2012 range and I saw it with work in about August time when we were choosing what to order for the shop.
I immediately said I need one of these for me and it was a long wait until it arrived in the May time. I could have had the sample bag but it didn't have the fake fox tail charm so I waited it out.
As I knew I was getting it I was always thinking ahead of what will go with it.

As you can see from the picture it has a small handle on top and a chain so you can wear it across your body. The chain made it very heavy and I knew I was never going to use it, so I got one of the guys at work to cut it off.
The bag is a nice medium size bag and it the gold is metallic. Overall a beautiful bag.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

George G21 cat peplum top

I love everything about this top.
It fits nice and it has cats on what more could you want ^_^
I wear this with skinny jeans and some ballet flats.

The peplum style is really flattering and it has open back button detail to the back. This is definitely one of my favorites.

Too Fast Tallulah swallow dress

I've had this a couple of months now but I haven't had the opportunity to wear it yet.
It is great for casual or night wear.
In love its rockabilly style and the cute swallows on it. I especially love the off the shoulder look as it will show off my swallow tattoos on my shoulders.
When I posted the Too Fast wedges earlier I said I had never heard of this brand before and I thought I hadn't, it turns out I have a dress that brand and didn't realise :-P

Vans Palisade Vulc Coral

These are from the spring summer 2012 range and I love them. They are perfect with skinny jeans.
They are from the surf range but you don't need to be a surfer to appreciate then. They have a super comfy insole like the Vans Rata Vulcs that I have, They are also from the surf range. So they must think surfers need a more cushioned shoe for some reason.
They are comfortable to wear standing up all day at work and look great.

Vans skull clutch bag purse

I love this little bag especially because I was luckily enough to get it for free from the Vans rep at work.
It is a perfect size for a night out with a detachable strap.
It just fits my key, money, cards and phone in all I need for a night out.
It also matches my Iron Fist boots which is a bonus.

Iron Fist Set Your Sails cardigan

This was the first Iron Fist piece I purchased as I love anything nautical or rockabilly.
It is cute and has a lovely back red design of a ship that says 'set your sails'.
The only downside it that it is a small fitting and as the neck is so low you can see whatever top you have underneath so I find it hard to match anything.
I usually just wear a plain white tee under it or I wear it over a Reko Paris print red dress. But to be honest I don't wear this cardigan very often as I feel a bit uncomfortable with the tight fitting. It isn't too small for me but it's just the style of it.

My make up bag favorite products.

Here are my favorite bits from my make up bag.
I don't wear make up everyday, I'm not one of those girls who won't be seen dead without their 'face on', but I do know what I like.
I usually keep my make up to a minimum but my favorite eye shadow pallet is this by Saffron I find there colours are really vibrant and keep well. I have a Lancome quad here that I love too but I usually wear one of the Saffron eye shadows.

I hardly wear foundation but I hate the look of cheap cakey foundation so after some advice from a nice Debenhams make up counter lady I found this Lancome one to be the best as I am surprisingly pale. This foundation has a flawless finish and I wore it on my wedding day and I've had a few compliments on it. At £30 its not the cheapest but definitely worth investing in also it lasts ages. Another good point is you don't need concealer with it.
Also make sure you get a decent foundation brush to put it on as there is no point getting expensive foundation and then buying a cheap shit brush as it will make a difference. I bought a Lancome brush rrp £18.

Eyebrow shadow by Revlon I prefer the powder for my eyebrows rather that using a pencil, when I use a pencil I find they look to fake and drawn on because that's exactly what that it. The powder looks more natural and goes on nice and dark seeing as my hair is black the dark brown here looks fine.

I find this new chunky Max factor eye liner for smokey eyes perfect. I will definitely get one again. It also has a smudge tip. It is nice and dark and goes on thick. A tip that I was given by the Lancome make up lady from Debenhams was not to use eyeliner on all of your eye, just use it from half way across your bottom lid outwards to open your eye more and I find it really works.

Benefit liquid blusher, and this is great and lasts forever. It is really easy to blend and isn't too red when on. Some make you look like a clown but this doesn't. I actually got it free with a magazine but when it runs out I will definitely buy one.

Lancome mini mascara in black. It is hard to find a decent mascara that actually does what it's advertised to do. I've tried loads of high street brands Revlon, Max factor, Avon etc and this is the best yet. It goes on really nice and doesn't clump. This one isn't a waterproof one.

Rimmel stay matt concealer. I use this most days to hide any darkness under my eyes. I prefer this concealer on a stick as the last one I tried was a liquid Avon one and it went on awful and it dried in the lines of the brush strokes. But with this being on a stick you can easily blend it with your finger.

I have a Lancome lip liner here that matches my Lancome lipstick I carry in my handbag. At first I was unsure about lip liner as I didn't want to look like Jodie Marsh but as it is the same colour as my lipstick its important in keeping the colour of my lipstick lasting longer. I wore it on my wedding day and I didn't need to reapply my lipstick at all during the day.

Last but not least my Lancome make up remover this is definitely a essential and is kind to my skin, you definitely need this if you have been wearing foundation and it's a life saver when getting off my eye make up so I don't wake up with panda eyes.

Iron Fist fug boots

I bought these hoping for them to replace my old Ugg boots to keep my feet warm this winter but to be honest they are rubbish!
They feel bad quality and are very thin definitely not worth the money.
In use these as slippers and that is all, the very disappointing.

Miss Selfridge leopard berret

I bought this last winter and I love it I wear it more than any other beanie that I have. I love leopard print but I be careful not to clash it with my Iron Fist Love Cats leopard print coat.
I usually wear it with skinny jeans, tshirt, a oversized matching leopard print scarf and a leather biker jacket.

Iron Fist Sailors tee

I love this tshirt it is great casual wear. I plan to wear this with skinny jeans and my Too Fast Dead Face stud wedges when they arrive. This tshirt is again a nice generous fit.

Iron Fist Fox tee

This is probably my favorite Iron Fist tshirt that I have as I love Foxes and faux fur. I would never wear real fur or a real fox around my neck. But I love this look.
This tee is nice and long for over leggings too.

Top Shop parka coat

This is a investment piece as at £100 its not the cheapest coat out there this winter, but it is definitely worth investing in as it is nice and big and warm. It is designed to be oversized but I would not go down a size like some of the top shop reviews suggested.
It is a 2 in 1 as it has a smaller detachable inside coat lining that is quilted and can be worn separate. I haven't even had it apart to wear the smaller coat as it has been too cold so this is perfect to wrap up in at the bus stop. It is also wax coated so it is water proof too unlike a lot of the other parka coats out there.
My favorite bit is the oversized hood as it is so nice and warm. My cat also likes to sleep in the hood if she gets half a chance.

Iron Fist Parting Kiss purse

This is my current purse that I am using, it is nice and big but also fits fine in my handbag.
It has a detachable chain as it is advertised as a clutch bag too, personally I would not use it for this as I think it's too small.
I have also taken the bow off the front too as it never kept straight in my handbag so I have just cut it off.

Iron Fist Sailors Delight sequin top

I love this as it is a generous fit and isn't too short. It's nice and long to cover my bum when I wear leggings.
I usually wear this with black leggings and my Boratto boots and my Sabotage faux fur jacket for its best look.
Also I love the fact that none of this Iron Fist stuff is dry clean. They can all be machine washed so happy days.

Iron Fist Filthy Landdubber shoe

I love these but I honestly haven't worn them much due to it being too cold at the moment. They look great with skinny jeans and my Iron Fist blue sailors nautical tshirt.

Iron Fist Sabotage faux fur coat

This is stunning, I have recently got this as a early Xmas present and I've hardly had it off. It is perfect teamed with virtually anything. I usually don't wear the pu wrap to tie it like the picture as I wear it open or it has a hidden metal clasp at the front. I usually just carry the pu tie in my handbag if I decided to use it.
Again it has a supercool interior print this time a bright pink floral pattern.

Iron Fist Love Cats faux fur coat

I live this it is gorgeous. I found the Iron Fist fur coats a small fit as there is no give in them at all so I would recommend going up a size in these. It is perfect over a dress to keep warm on a night out. I live the big zombie girl print on the inside it gives it that extra edge. I also love the fact that it's leopard print and it's subtle enough to not be ott. I will be wearing this with black leggings a top and my black boots for a day out shopping.

Too Fast Dead Face stud wedges

I fell in love with these after seeing them on eBay! They look like they will be perfect teamed with skinny jeans and a tshirt or perfect dressed up with a dress.
I have never heard of this brand before so I have taken a chance and ordered these they look super cute!
I am hoping they are not too high as I don't really wear high heals but after snooping around online some shops said they are about 3 inches so fingers crossed they will be fine. I am super excited to get these on my feet!

Abbey Dawn handbag

I've never been a fan of Avril Lavinge but I like her clothing brand Abbey Dawn. This is the handbag I am currently rocking and it is a perfect size.
I have found that the previous Iron Fist bags zips were not very good quality and as Abbey Dawn is a sister brand to Iron Fist I though it would probably be the same. So I have tried to stay away from zips and go for this clasp closure and I love it. I usually get bored of handbags pretty quickly but I've been using this for about 4 months now and I don't see any signs of me getting bored of it soon.