Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Benefit Fine One One <3

After experiencing all the hype of this new Benefit product I couldn't wait to get down to my local Benefit counter and check it out.
Initial thoughts: smaller than expected but perfectly formed. It looks beautiful and I can't wait to try it.

The lovely Benefit lady on the counter tried it on me and and explained what each section was. My favorite is the highlighter as it's not a product I usually use but I definately will from now. You can use as much as you want for a substil understated beauty look or a more made up look by using more. Whatever you prefer. That's the beauty of it, it can be used on any skin type for any occasion. This is definately a essential for me already. It is a bit pricey but it looks so gorgeous both off the skin and on.
Overall: I love it, if your not sure about it I recommend getting to your local Benefit counter and trying it on to see how it can work for you.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Ted Baker Mardun handbag in black

This is by far my favorite purchase for a long time I absolutely love everything about it!
I fell in love with this after Christmas and just knew I would do everything and anything to have it. I am more of a handbag lady than a shoe lady so when I fell in love with it I was crazy until I had it.
I searched around online everywhere that sells Ted Baker, Hurley, Ted Baker official website, House of Fraiser, John Lewis to name a few and everywhere I saw the same thing "Out Of Stock". I've never been so sad to see those 3 words. I managed to find one on ebay new with tags but I sold before I could convince my husband that £130 wasn't too much for a handbag. I was devastated.
Everywhere had it available in red, baby pink or nude and i knew I didn't want any other colour apart from black even the sale prices of the other colours down to £90 couldn't tempt me.
It was officially discontinued. I decided to get the phone number of every Ted Baker store within a 20 mile radius and start ringing around, like I said when I want a handbag so bad I'm crazy until it is mine haha. On the 3rd number I tried I was in luck! Yay I was so happy. It was in Selfridges in Manchester town centre they had some black ones left and the lovely shop lady said she could hold one for me until the next day, it was music to my ears. I just had to get through one more day then I would have the bag. The day at work was slow, i arranged to go to Manchester with my best friend the next day and it was great I went straight in and there it was. I have not been apart from it since.
Apart from being gorgeous it has loads of pockets and the size is perfect.
You can wear the handles over your shoulder or just carry it in your hand.
It has a bulldog print lining.
A large pocket at the back for papers or a ipad or small laptop. A large interior pocket with a couple of small ones. 2 main compartments at the front. I have promised my husband that I will use this bag for at least the next 6 months and I don't think that will be a problem. In the future I may invest in a different colour in the bag as i love it so much, but I will see.

Ted Baker Rocksy purse in pink

I know I've not had my Iron Fist purse very long but over Christmas I fell in love with the Ted Baker Mardun bag and eventually got it. Anyway I wanted a matching cute good quality Ted Baker purse to go with it.
I got the handbag in black and i knew straight away that I didn't want a black purse and that I wanted to go for a bright colour. At first I was thinking of the Tyro purse with a cute little crystal bow clasp but as soon I saw this one I knew it was The One! It was the last one on the shelf in selfridges and i thought it was perfect. I love the bow shaped clasp and the bright pink colour.
It has a little zip pocket at the back for coins and you open it where there is a large pocket for coins. The lining is of a butterfly print which is really nice. It is real leather too.
You open it again to reveal the card slots and 2 sections for notes. It all fastens away very neatly and it is a great purse. For the large loving purse ladies out there they do a larger version but I am happy with this.

Benefit Brow Zings

I never used to bother with make up on my eyebrows as i thought you didn't really need it. I would just use tweezers and thought that was all I needed. But I was so wrong.
I've always wanted eyebrows like Megan Fox and wondered what her secret was! I've experimented with eyebrow pencils but they always look so fake and give a 'chavy' look so I thought. I had given up hope of my dream eyebrows until now.
I have just been to the Benefit counter in Debenhams for a closer look at the Benefit Brow Zings I had been looking at online. I didn't want to buy it online as i didn't know which shade of colour to get and also I didn't want it to be a fake product. So I questioned the lady about what was best to get my foxy brows that I longed for. She sat me down and tried both the medium and dark shades on me and I chose to get the dark. She gave me a small lesson on how to to get the overall shape that I want and how to get the arch right so hopefully I can replicate this look on a day to day basis. I would definately recommend this product to anyone and i hope to get more Benefit products in the future.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Mac make up bag

I've not had my DC make up bag very long but I already I knew I wanted one a little bigger. So I decided to go for this mac one as it has 3 different compartments to store everything. I first saw it in selfridges a while ago so recently I decided to scout ebay for a bargain.

It has a main zip bit for all your make up, a separate bit for brushes and a smaller zip bit for small items like tweezers.
It is bright pink with black polka dots and a white Mac logo to the front with a pvc pink and black flower stuck on, it also has small handles on the top.
Over all it is very cute and very efficient I hope to use this one for quite a while now.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Iron Fist Lolita Purse

When I first saw this i immediately fell in love with it, it has everything I adore! bows, leopard print and polka dots. It also has a beautiful interior tattoo print featuring swallows and roses. Even though it has all these prints in my eyes it doesn't look 'too much' it just works.
To me it was a definite no brainer I need this purse and I hope to use it for quite a while before I get bored of it.
Apart from its prettiness it is functional too with its zip compartment for coins and it's space for 11 cards. It also has numerous space to put your notes and receipts.
Also if you are interested at the moment Iron Fist have a sale on with free postage so don't hesitate ladies I would recommend snapping this cutie up.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

My top rated skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are definitely a wardrobe must have for any woman and I know jeans are so hard to get right.
I always need to try jeans on in the shop as sizes vary so much by store. I can be a size 10 in one shop a 12 in another and then a size 14 in another all in the same day it's ridiculous. So yes trying them on in store is a must. Here are my 3 favorites, one high street mid range, one cheap pair and one high end. So no matter your budget you can get some great skinny jeans.

1. New Look Supersoft:
My favorite skinny jeans at the moment are by New Look and are called super soft, they are amazing and very comfortable. They are nice and soft and have a good bit of stretch. I really hate hard rigid jeans especially with skinnys you feel like you can't move your legs. This is why I stay away from Primark jeans they are good because they are cheap but they fit and feel terrible.
A bonus with the New Look ones is that they come in various leg lengths so they are suitable for anyone who is 30'' or 34'' leg.
I'm a standard size 12, 32'' leg in these, I bought them in the high waist version too but they aren't as comfy. These New Look jeans are great for the price approx £25. I would rate them over any other high street jeans.

2. George Soft Skinny:
I only bought these last week and they are a bargain at £14. I can't find them on there website yet so they mustn't be up yet. They are dark blue wash with little turn ups at the bottom.
I love them as they feel exactly like the New Look ones nice and soft and stretchy. These are a definite winner. They don't fit as nice as the New Look ones as I got a size 14 with these, as the 12 was too small but the 14 is too big. They are wearable but I'm always pulling them up so ill have to invest in a belt. Anyway they are lovely and comfy and definitely worth the money. Great if your on a tight budget.

3. Carhartt Liz Pant:
These are without a doubt the best jeans I have ever had! They are pricey at £95 but they are a investment. Unfortunately I don't have them anymore as I wore them out and put on weight but I would love to get some again. I was lucky enough to get them free from Carhartt, as the shop I work at used to sell Carhartt clothing and the rep kitted us out with free jeans.
I had them in a blue vintage wash with a leather Carhartt logo tab to the back right hand pocket. I had a 28 waist, 32 leg and they fitted perfect back when I was a size 10.
You can get these in a few different colours and washes now but overall very hard wearing and extremely comfy I still always think of them. Even for mens jeans I would recommend Carhartt as I love the denim they use.