Saturday, 22 June 2013

My make up look from yesterday 21/6/13

So here is the low down on what I am wearing on my face today, most of it is by Benefit Cosmetics as usual:

* Porefessional primer for my nose and cheeks.
* Fake Up concealer under the eyes.
* Coralista blusher - this is my favourite.
* Coralista Lipgloss - I love how this isn't sticky.
* Brow Zings
* High Brow to highlight under my eyebrows.
* Collection Fast Stroke eyeliner.
* Jelly Pong Pong Fairly lashes mascara.
* Too Faced Shadow Insurance eyelid primer.
* World Famous Neutrals pallette in Most Glamorous Nudes, I went for the evening look which is the My Two Cents creaseless creme shadow with Glit-y Pleasure & Kiss Me, I'm Tipsy powder shadows.
* Eye Bright on the inner and outer corners of the eye and along the brow bone.
* Urban Decay De-Slick mattifying powder.

By the time this picture was taken I had had my make up on about 3 hours, I am stood next to a windows in natural light and you can see that my face still looks matte on a hot summers day.

I know I go on about Benefit too much but I am moving onto other brands to try and sample a bit of everything, I just can't afford to buy new products at the moment there are so many that I want.
- Jodie x

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