Saturday, 29 March 2014

Currently Lusting Over

Too Faced - A La Mode Palette
So I love my Too Faced Summer Eyes palette alot, the quality is so good and I love the packaging but there is a new palette doing the rounds on blogs. The sad thing is that it is not due for release over in the UK until May oh no! It is beautiful though the colours are different enough from my other palettes to make me want this, and bad!
Maybelline Colour Whisper - Pin Up Peach
So again this is another product currently not out in the UK :-( but you can buy it from the UK ebay store for a decent price. I am currently not in the mood for heavy full on lipsticks and I want to keep my make up simple and light this Spring/Summer so I'm delving into the world of lip butters. I haven't tried any of the Revlon ones as they seem quite pricey for what they are and alot of reviews say that they are very pigmented which is currently not what I'm looking for. This shade just looks stunning and they have a nice amount of shine too unlike the NYX ones.
Zara Mini City Bag With Zips
So I've recently got the mini office city bag in grey which I love! But I can't help to lust over this beauty as well. It comes in light blue or pink which would be great for the huge pastal colour take over that's happening right now. This bag has lots of room for everything and like the other it has lots of places for everything.
What are you currently lusting over?

Shopping My Stash - My Spring Favourites

So now that it's Spring and the cold sun is shining I have decided to switch my makeup rotation around a bit to get me in the mood for Spring/Summer.
I've seen a lot of new makeup releases doing the rounds lately but while they are all very pretty I've delved into my stash to see what pretty pieces that I already have.
1. Benefit World Famous Neutrals - This eyeshadow set never gets old! the colours are beautifully pigmented and very longwearing. It is perfect for daily casual makeup or glamorous evening looks. See my full review and swatches here
2. Too Faced Summer Eyes - This is a great way of introducing abit of colour into my look without being scared. I am never one to wear bright crazy coloured eyeshadow but here you get 3 looks and Too Faced include a how too to achieve a gorgeous summer look. See my full review, swatches and a tutorial here
3. Benefit Hervana Blusher - This is my second favourite Benefit Blusher after Coralista and it is a gorgeous light pink and it smells just heavenly seriously it smells so good you need to sniff it. You also get a good quality application brush with it that isn't too small so I do use it. There is just something special about swirling your brush around to mix the colours for a pretty pink flush. See my full review here
4. Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish No 16 - again this is just a perfect choice for a everyday wearable pink lip that gives you that Spring/Summer vibe. I was obsessed with Coral everything last summer and I still am but I am currently trying to change it up abit and head towards the more pinkish rose hues. More info here
Let me know what your Spring/Summer picks are by linking to your blog below as my favourite way to discover makeup is by reading blogs :-) x

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

New Cat Print Vans Authentics

So you may already know that I work in a skate/bmx shop and I am lucky enough to help with the upcoming seasons buying and I have to say Vans is usually my favourite appointment. As the rep is so lovely and is sometimes kind enough to throw me the odd free sample or two but most of all I love seeing the new seasons prints and here are my favourites for this Spring/Summer. I had to pre order these about 6 months ago and they have just arrived through our shop doors today. Sadly we are not selling these for you to buy as my bosses were optimistic that they would sell well so they just ordered the one pair for me but I'm sure that you can pick them up at your local Vans store or Schuh.
As a crazy cat lady these are my ultimate pair of Vans and they are available in the best selling Authentic style! They also do a matching backpack and snap back cap. These are classed as unisex and are available in sizes uk3 and up. They are in collaboration with the ASPCA charity to raise awareness of cruelty against animals. They also have some products with dogs on. You can buy these shoes directly from Vans here

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Benefit How To Look The Best At Everything Kit - Light

So in the few years that I have been into Benefit I've never really wanted this kit. I'd read quite a few reviews that said the light shade in this kit was far too dark and orangey so not to bother, so I always stayed away.
My skin is light but by no means the fairest out there and I have had the full size Hello Flawless Powder in Ivory before which I really liked until I dropped it and it crumbled into ashes :-( I've also tried both Boi-ing concealers in the various concealer kits before and already have the full size in the light shade. So why did I want this you ask? Well for a few reasons I'm currently 6 months pregnant and want a quick way to get ready and have everything just there in one kit, also I love the Porefessional and mine has ran out. I've also heard that they have changed this kit to make the shades actually light? I don't know 100% but now this kit contains ivory colours where before I think it was Champagne.

I do have a very nice and expensive Lancome foundation but I don't wear foundation daily and it seems like a lot of faffing about that I can't be bothered with right now.
So I bought this kit of my 27th birthday last week and my first thoughts where that it's small. Very small! but you do get a good few products for the £25.50 price tag. Also just look how cute the packaging is, can we just take a moment to admire it please. It looks just like a little book how cute!

Anyway now that I have been using this for a week or so i am in awe of it as it is perfect for my skin and it's quick and easy. Most importantly I don't find it too dark or orange and it gives me a very natural look. The finish is not full coverage I'd say light-medium which I am happy with. The foundation is SPF 25 and is very comfortable to wear. I definitely will buy the full size Porefessional and Oxygen Wow when these run out. I also already loved the Boi-ing concealer as it is so heavy duty and covers so well. Here you get shades 1 and 2 so I like to use them both together as 1 alone can look abit too light for me if I have my photo taken with a flash on I'm like whoa too light.
This kit is definitely worth the money and I love it all apart from the powder brush that is too small and thin to do anything.

Inside this kit you get:
- Porefessional 7.5ml
- Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation in Ivory 7ml
- Boi-ing 1 & 2 at 1.5g each
- Hello Flawless in Ivory 4g.

This kit comes in light, medium or deep shades and if you have overlooked it before like me then I recommend having a rethink to see if it suits your needs now. X

What's in my handbag - Zara Office City Mini

So I have a fabulous new handbag and I haven't done one of these posts in a while so I thought it was time for a update. Here is what currently in my handbag:

- Ted Baker Rocksy purse
- Samsung earphones
- Kleenex tissues, as I haven't been able to shake off this cold for over a month now :-(
- DC gloves, as even though it's now spring it's still freezing most mornings.
- Keys
- Pregnancy notes, I'm currently 6 months along and apparently I'm not allowed to leave the house without these.
- Sick bag, if you've been pregnant you will understand it's not glamorous but keeping these with me makes me feel confident enough to leave the house for any worse case scenarios on public transport.
- Glasses cloth.

I also keep a L'Occitane cosmetic bag in here which keeps all my beauty essentials in which are:

- Bobbi Brown corrector, i mostly use this for the mirror as it is so small and light to carry around.
- Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish no. 16
- YSL Rouge Volupte Shine no. 15
- Neals Yard lip gloss
- Paris Hilton perfume vial
- Elizabeth Arden perfume sample
- L'Occitane hand cream
- Gaviscon
- Paracetamol

There is still plenty of room in this bag to fit more stuff too which is great but this is what I currently keep with me, my lip products tend to change quite frequently it depends which are my current favourites. X

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Birthday Bag - Zara Office Mini City

So I have finally joined the club and got myself one of these beauties! and now I'm thinking why did I wait so long?

This bag is the bomb! There is no doubt about it it is perfect in every way, the size, the quality, the simplicity, the functionality, the chicness, the price tag. The list goes on but now that I've fell head over heels for it I now want it in Navy too but i believe that colour has been discontinued. I may settle and get the black one as well. I do feel like grey is perfect for spring though as it will go beautifully with the pastal colours that are currently making themselves known.

My favourite thing about this bag is the organisation as there is a pocket for everything. I love being able to give my most used items there own little space and it makes it so much easier to find what I need. I normally stand at my front door for ages fumbling for my keys or on the bus for my bus ticket but not any more as I know where everything will be.

I love how it isn't too small as well as I'm crap with tiny bags. I like to carry a decent amount of stuff with me and I will do a what's in my bag post soon so you can see what I carry around in here. I'm also enjoying using the shoulder strap as with most bags that is the first thing that I detatch and throw into the bottom of a draw never to be seen again. It is just a 10/10 for me.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

My Birthday Wishlist - I'm 27 Next Week

So I'm 27 next week eek! and seeing as I'm nearly 6 months pregnant I haven't bought myself anything apart from 'essential' maternity clothes in a while :-P  All my wishlists are now 100% made up of things for the baby as babies need so many things and most are expensive and if I've not been buying those items then it's been things to decorate the nursery. But as it's my birthday I feel like I deserve something just for me personally which is still hard to do 100% without feeling guilty. So here goes:

Zara Office Mini City Bag - Grey £29.99
I remember wanting this in black ages ago but somehow I forgot about it but now it has come back to the forefront of my mind. It is simple and stunning. I love being organised and having a pocket for everything so this is what I want!

L'occitane Make Up Bag £6
I love the smallish size of these and they come in lots of pretty designs. I plan to use it in my Zara bag to store all my beauty essentials to keep my bag organised and tidy. You can pick them up on eBay for approximately £6

Benefit How To Look The Best At Everything Kit - Light £25.50
At the moment I haven't been bothering with make up but now that I am starting to feel like my normal self again I realise that the whole pregnancy glow thing is a myth and my skin isn't looking to great. This will help to cover any blemishes and help me fake some nice skin.

Burts Bees Mama Bee - Leg and Foot Cream £12.99
I love Burts Bees alot and I remember that they used to have a Mama Bee gift set but I can't find it but this is the product that I would most like to try from the range. I remember the coconut foot moisturiser being my favourite ever so I would like to give this ago.

Pink Linings Yummy Mummy Changing Bag £79.99
Yes this isn't 100% for me and is abit of a cheat item but I really want to indulge on it. I know that it is expensive and that I already have a nice Cosatto changing bag to match my pram but just look how beautiful it is. It also comes with a nappy changing matt and has lots of inside pockets and special storage areas for everything baby related. I am a sucker for bag organisation and this is just so pretty. It comes in loads of gorgeous designs but I love this Bee one best. I would feel proud to carry this bag around and as a first time mum I feel that this bag would be a great help.

My Favourite Maternity Clothes

So there's no better excuse for a wardrobe overhaul than when your pregnant and your clothes no longer fit. I have trawled for hours online to find that all my favourite high street stores no longer stock maternity clothes in there shops anymore it's all online only. This is very frustrating as I would have liked to have seen them and tried them on first. Most maternity collections are pants I have found that my favourites are from New Look and Asos, not to mention any ebay bargains that you can bag.

Anyway I am lucky to be due a summer baby so I can get lots of cute spring/summer clothes to wear. Here is what I am currently wearing:

New Look V Neck Red Tea Dress £22.99
This is just stunning and it can be worn casual or dressed up. I wear it with black maternity leggings and some black ankle boots.

New Look Navy Butterfly Print Dress
Like most of the new look dresses they also make them for their normal none maternity line. The material on this is nice and loose and thin so it's very breathable and comfortable to wear. It clings to you in just the right places. Again I wear this with black leggings and black ankle boots until it gets warmer.

Asos Star Print Dress
This has a tie at the back and it has a nice length to it. I've seen so many short maternity dresses just urgh there is no need for that. My above dresses are all just above the knee so not too short. The material of this is quite thick so it may be too warm for summer but I am enjoying wearing it for now. It can be worn with some cute flat shoes or boots. I bought this brand new with tags from ebay at the bargain price of £12.99

ASOS Ridley Skinny Jeans Mid Wash £22.99
These are just beautiful they are very flattering and nice and skinny. I have some gap skinny jeans which are not skinny in the slightest. It's also hard to find under the bump maternity jeans that don't fall down with the elasticated waist band but these don't. They are tight on the bottom of the leg so if I do get the dreaded pregnancy candles I will have to give these a miss.

New Look Striped Knit Cardigan Shell Pink £17.99
This is from there normal line and is the perfect spring summer cover up to go over my dresses or tshirts. I love the very pale pink colour and it's very comfortable to wear.

These are my favourite pieces but I have lots more of New Look pieces that I love dearly such as their maternity tshirts and leggings. The material and fit is just right. I also feel the need to mention bras as wearing a bra when pregnant is not easy. Due to the extreme soreness in the first trimester I had to go bra free most of the time and when my sickness was bad I didn't want any tight band around my mid section as it made me want to be sick even more. So the answer is to get a bra with no underwire or padding! As easy as it sounds they were hard to find I found my favourites from mothercare which also have clips for when I want to breastfeed which will be handy.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

New Vans

So if you saw a previous post for some Vans Era Cat print shoes from last year I am still waiting for them to arrive. They are due soon as part of the Vans 2014 Spring Summer collection. So while I'm waiting impatiently for those ones I had a shoe shaped hole in my spring wardrobe so I've bought these.
They are Vans Eras in navy blue suede with a grey and while polka dot print upper with white laces. I think they are so cute and the print is spot on (lol) what I wanted! Nothing to colourful or crazy. These will be my perfect Spring casual shoes and they are currently available to buy in Schuh.

Update - I'm having a baby this summer!

Hi sorry I've been away for a while life has been busy and crazy! I can happily announce that I am 5 1/2 months pregnant with a baby girl! She is due early July 2014 and Me and my husband are thrilled to say the least. This is our first baby and the preparation has been keeping us busy and poor haha so no treats for me even though Benefit have brought out some nice new products.

For the whole first trimester I was so ill with bad morning sickness it was truly hell on earth I could barely eat or drink anything i just wanted to hibernate away from the world, so wearing my contact lenses was a no no and wearing make up has been the last thing on my mind. As due to the sickness my eyes where constantly watering and sore.
I am glad to be feeling better and healthy and we have recently moved house and are trying to set up the internet still so I will keep you guys updated and I will be back with some new content soon :-)