Thursday, 28 February 2013

Benefit Hervana - the good karma face powder.

Benefit Hervana is my first powder blusher by Benefit. I was debating what colour to get, in the end it was a toss up between this and Coralista.
I am glad I got this one as the colour and smell are amazing! It smells gorgeous. It also has a lovely glow to it, it's not shimmery it's just a glow so your cheeks look radiant.
Also i went for this one as like more Benefit products they have multi uses, this one you could use the colours individually as eyeshadows as they are very pretty individually or mixed together.
I love how the quality in this product stands out, the packaging is very pretty and sturdy. It has a hidden magnetic closure on the inside.
The brush is amazing in itself it is angled so you can get the right amount of powder out and it makes it easier to apply to the cheeks.
Overall this gets a 10/10 from me. I do want to try the Coralista too but for now this is my go to blusher.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Benefit concealer comparison - Boing & Erase Paste

I am quite a newbie to concealer so I bought Benefit Realness of Concealness and Benefits Confessions of a Concealerholic kits to try some out. As I love how they come with lessons on how to use their products.
I found the Boing 2 too dark for skintone as i am quite pale.
The Boing 2 came in both kits but I haven't really used it.
The Boing 1 from the Confessions of a Concealerholic was very good but I preferred the Erase Paste, as the texture is softer and easier too blend. Also the Erase Paste is more luminescent and brightens the skin area alot better.
So I fell in love deeply with Erase Paste and bought the fair skintone one and it is perfect. I look forward to dark circles under my eyes being a thing of the past. I will update this blog with before and after pictures or I will try to do a youtube video and link it to here. So please keep a lookout for this
I have added some pictures of swatches from each of the concealers.
From left to right we have: Boing 1, Boing 2, Erase Paste medium and then Erase Paste fair.
As you can see there is a huge difference in them so if you are going to get one I would recommend going trying them out at your local Benefit counter to see which colour suits you best.
I love how the Erase Paste has melon undertones as it really hides any dark circles or blemishes flawlessly.
Enjoy concealing ladies.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

My Dita Von Teese style make up tutorial

Please check out my latest you tube video. I show you step by step how to get the pin up make up look.
Dita always looks effortlessly beautiful. If you want to try and replicate her flawless look, here are the main parts to her iconic look:
- Light foundation
- Dark arched eyebrows
- Red blusher
- Beauty spot on your right cheek under the eye.
- Light eyeshadow.
- Winged black eyeliner (none on the lower lid)
- Black mascara or fake lashes
- Bright red lipstick
And that's it, if you can follow my steps in the video you can get the Dita look too.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Benefit Fine One One blusher vs Benefit Benetint + Highbeam

Benefit Fine One One is the new blusher from Benefit and if your hooked and Benetint and unsure whether to try it or not. This video compares the two.
They are both beautiful blushers and highlighters, please watch my video to compare the two.

Benefit Peek A Bright Eyes YouTube tutorial

It's my birthday soon and I knew all I wanted was at my local Benefit counter. This Peek a Bright Eyes kit is one of my presents, my husband has let me have it early so I couldn't wait to get testing it.
Here in my video you can see me trying it out, I do love this kit as the colours are amazing and the little tutorial booklet tells you how to do it step by step.
I do have 2 cats who make a appearance in the video as they are nosy and wondering what I am doing.
I hope you find this video useful.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Benefit She's So Jetset gift set

This is such a pretty limited edition set but unfortunately it is sold out in the UK. So I ordered it from Benefit USA and got it shipped over. The set was $36 and $18 shipping but it is worth it.
I love how it has a bit of everything in it and you can just get ready with this and nothing else if you wanted too.
It comes with:
* Porefessional face balm
* 4 complementary eye shadow since golds and browns.
* A 2 part face powder which you can mix to apply all over the face as it is very light or you can use the colours separate as a blusher and a highlighter.
* They're real black mascara.
* Life on the A list lip gloss, this is a light pink.
I love how it comes with a lesson booklet too as in it it suggests ways of using the different eye shadows for daytime and night time looks.
Please check out my YouTube video of me un boxing and using this set. :-)

Benefit B.radiant skincare intro kit review

I decided to buy this little intro kit after getting a sample of the face emulsion with my brow zings.
I immediately noticed a difference on my skin from my usual L'Oréal moisturiser that my skin felt softer and I loved how it soaks in a lot better. My skin just absorbs it up where as with my L'Oréal I can feel it on the surface of my skin for a while.

Rather than spending about £20 for full size versions of each of these I bought this intro kit for £10 to try it out and I love it.
My favorites are the face wash, toner and the eye cream. I definitely now want to buy full size versions of these.

My boss at work even commented on how good my skin had looked lately stating that it was glowing. She has now also bought the intro kit after I told her what I used. So I know it is making a difference. My birthday is coming up so I plan to buy some of the full size ones.

They are great quality as well in little glass jars, I'd expected them to be made of plastic and feel cheap but they do not. I also love how they are like little potion bottles they are really cute.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

My handbag beauty essentials.

These are my beauty essentials that I carry around in my handbag daily.
I use this items during the day for any needed touch ups.

They are:
- Benefit Fine One One.
- Benefit Brow Zings, dark.
- Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets.
- Benefit It Stick.
- Mini vials of my favorite perfumes which are Gucci Rush and Paris Hilton.
- Blistex Medplus.
- Benefit Porefessional bag.

I love each and every one of them but if I could only carry around one of them it would be the Benefit Fine One One as it is a all rounder for cheeks and lips. It instantly transforms your face so if you are short on time this is the one to use for a quick perk up.

The brow zings are great for keeping my brows in check and it has a handy mirror so I don't need to carry a separate one.

The Kleenex sheets are amazing I think they are quite new out as ive never seen them before. They are basically blotting paper for your face to get rid of any unwanted shine. This keeps my skin looking matt all day. Most days in don't wear any foundation or base so this keeps my complexion nice.

The It Stick is just concealer which I use under my eyes to hide any dark areas. I find about half way through each day some eyeliner will have smudged under my eyes so I use this to hide it too.

The Blistex Medplus is a great moisuriser for any lips. In use this daily to keep my lips nice and soft to prevent any dryness or cracking.

I also carry mini vials of perfume as i don't want to carry a big full size one in my bag everywhere so these are ideal.

I keep it all together in a cute small Benefit Porefessional bag. I am new to the Benefit cosmetics but as you can tell I am hooked already and I already have plans for what to get next so I will update this with anything new.