Thursday, 22 August 2013

Mac Illustrated Rebecca Moses Face Kit Palette - Brown

When I saw this it literally took my breath away with its beauty. It without a doubt is the most gorgeous palette I have ever seen. I know not everyone will have the same opinion as me but I really can't find a single fault with it.
The start with the Ravishing lipstick was already on my wish list as it looked like the most perfect coral lipstick and I knew we I wanted to try it, so the fact that you get it in this palette sold the deal for me.
This palette is limited edition and is a collaboration with the artist Rebecca Moses. The packaging is very eye catching and I like it. It oozes quality as the material of the palette feels very well made and if you didn't know it was Mac you would still think that it was pricey. The case is a fabric material which you don't expect. It also has Rebecca signature on the mirror.
This palette comes in a choice of two colours which are brown or plum. The brown one looks far superior in my eyes but they have both sold out on Macs website but I do believe that they are still in stock at Selfridges. The RRP is £39.50 which isn't cheap but good value for Mac as to buy all these items separate it would cost a lot more than that.
My favourite thing about this palette is that you have abit of everything you get 4 eyeshadows a blush and 2 lipsticks so it would be perfect to travel with. I also love how the lipsticks have a separate cover inside to protect then from powder and to keep them fresh.
Inside you get:
* Melba powder blusher, matte
* Orb eye shadow (top left) satin
* Smoked Sepia eye shadow (bottom left) satin
* All That Glitters eye shadow (top right shadow) satin
* Show-Stopper eye shadow (bottom right shadow) matte
* Ravishing lipstick (top right) cream sheen
* Myth Lipstick (bottom right) satin
* Dual end brush 275SE/316SE
The colours are gorgeous and complement each other perfectly. On the back on the box you get a little set of instructions of how to achieve there desired look with the palette which I am wearing with the Ravishing lipstick in my picture.
This is definitely my favourite palette ever and there's not much more that I can say. 

Swatches left to right are:
Eyeshadows as they are with no primer - Orb, all that glitters, smoked sepia and show stopper. 
Other swatches:
Melba blusher, ravishing and myth lipsticks. 

As you can see the colours are all gorgeous and pigmented. The blusher and lipsticks are very wearable colours for all skin types. 

Have you tried any of the illustrated items? What do you think of this pallette?
Jodie x

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