Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Bourjois Effect 3D lipgloss that I won from Orangina

When I'm at work I drink a lot of this stuff. Drinking fizzy drinks is probably my worst vice.
Anyway a couple of weeks ago I was pleasantly surprised to find that they have now started a competition where you can win a Bourjois Effect 3D lipgloss Yay! What a great combination is that!.
I had seen the lipgloss advertised in my regular magazines and in my local Superdrug and I knew it was a new release so every day I would peel off my bottle label and wishfully type in the code. I even got some of my colleagues in on it, luckily for me i work in a BMX/Skateboarding shop so it's male dominated and they aren't interested in wining a lipgloss, so I managed to nab a few extra codes and I finally won Yay! I would estimate that I have typed in about 10-15 codes to win this one.
When you do win it brings up a window and asks you to list the 3 lip gloss choices in the order that you would most like to receive. Luckily for me i got my first choice of Rouge Democratic which is a bright red. I have a lot of pale pink and coral lip glosses so I wanted a bright red one anyway and I am thrilled with this.

It aims to leave your lips hydrated and shiny for 8 hours. A plus for a lot of people is that it is paraben free too.
I felt this gloss to be quite thick but it gives a amazing result. I love the packaging and how the wand is clear. It feels great quality and even though it didn't last 8 hours for me as I had been drinking I felt that it's a good gloss to have in my collection. Especially because it was free. These retail at £7.99.
Once I'd won and chose what I wanted the shipping was free and it arrived to me about a week later.
Thank you Orangina and Bourjois.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

My wishlist for August

Here are the items that I really want to buy and I will be pining over through August. Hopefully I will be able to afford to buy at least 1 or 2 items from this wishlist.

1. Urban Decay Smoked Palette
I have wanting this for a few months now but it's never took priority until now. This palette looks absolutely gorgeous and even though it's called smoked and aims to give you the best smokey eyes, you don't have to use it to have smokey eyes. I feel like I will have so many options with this palette and I can't wait to try out lots of new looks with it.

2. Nars Creamy Concealer - Chantilly
I have wanted to try this concealer after reading so many raving reviews about it on lots of blogs. It always looks amazing in action and I hope it works for me.

3. Benefit Coralista blusher
This is my favourite blusher, I get a lot of complements on it when I wear it. I discovered it in my Powda Wowza palette but now I can see the bottom of the pan and I'm panicking that it will run out anyway now so I need to repurchase pronto.

4. Real Techniques Core Collection face brushes
I have a good set of eye brushes which are my Too Faced ones but I see so many bloggers who swear by these brushes only. So seeing as I need some proper face brushes anyway I would love to try these out.

5. Lush Lip Scrub Mint Julips
I am loving matte lipstick at the moment but I'm finding that the downside to it as it settles in every crack and makes dry lips look even worse. So I'm hoping this will solve all my problems.

What is on your current wishlist and have you tried any off mine and what did you think?

Jodie x

Saturday, 27 July 2013

George at Asda half price shoe finds

So when I was doing my weekly shop yesterday I managed to convince my husband to let me have a "quick" look at the shoes, something which he begrudges but look what gems I found for half price. These where £10 both reduced to £5.

The white ones I've bought to go with my Collectif Dolores flared dress in blue hibiscus which I've mentioned in a previous post. I think these will go with it so well as they have a nice low heel and complement the retro feel.

The coral flats I've got for everyday wear at work. I am obsessed with coral in clothing as well as makeup but I love how these have studs on to give them that rock chick vibe. I found my last pair of George flats some of the comfiest I've ever worn so I hope these are the same.

Let me know if you find any half price bargains.

Jodie x

L'Oréal Paris Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution initial thoughts

There are so many make up removers out there that I find myself trying a different one every month to try and find one that's amazing that I can stick with.

My favourite has always been the Lancome Bi-Facil but it's too pricey for me to use everyday so I've been on the hunt for a cheaper alternative.

I've tried more or less every high street brand one going to name a few I've used the Nivea gentle eye make up remover but I found this too harsh on my skin. I've tried the standard L'Oréal Paris eye make up remover and I didn't really like that. I have just finished using the Simple eye make up remover and I actually liked this one and I would definitely use it again woohoo. I was just about to repurchase it when this caught my eye - the new L'Oréal Paris Skin Perfection, a 3 in 1 purifying micellar solution and I knew I wanted to try it. I've seen it advertised in a few magazines and I liked the look of it. It wasn't too pricey either just £3 from Asda.

My first thoughts are that I like the packaging and that I hope it lives up to the recent hype.

After using this last night and this morning my initial thoughts on it are good. It feels really good on the skin and it got rid of my eye make up very well. I can't say for certain so soon how good it is but my first uses were promising. This could be the holy grail product that I've been searching for.

It promises to "dissolve all traces of makeup and that the micellar solution acts as a purifying magnet to capture on draw out excess oil and impurities rather than spreading them around your face"

I did feel that it got rid of my makeup better than the simple one and left my skin feeling clean but I will use this for a while longer before I say for certain.

Have any of you tried this and what did you think?

My new notebook for all my blog ideas

Yes it's only a notebook so why am I mentioning it? To me a notebook is a important part of blogging to jot down any ideas for future posts and videos. Also I find it important to narrow down my wishlists as there is so much stuff that I want and this helps me to not forget anything and to prioritise things.

I am quite a crazy organised person and I love making lists. I have lists for everything. There is something satisfying about ticking something off your list haha so this is why it's important for me to carry a notebook with me. Yes there are apps for your phone but I find nothing compares to a good old fashioned notebook.

This one is from eBay and costs £6. It is a bit smaller than A5 and opens up to reveal 2 notepads. I might have one dedicated to my blog and the other to my YouTube or maybe just one dedicated to everyday shopping lists, I've not decided yet. I love the print of this as I am a tea lady through and through and I love the cute pastal colours that gives it quite a retro theme which is perfect for me. Overall I am very excited over my new notebook and I know that it's quite sad to get excited over a piece of stationary but here I am :-)

Do any of you fellow bloggers find it important to have a notebook or not? Jodie x

My favourite concealer - Benefit Boi-ing

So it's come round to that time where my favourite concealer has run out and I need to get another or try something new.
If you are a reader of my blog then you will know that my favourite concealer is Benefit Boi-ing. For a while I preferred the Benefit Erase Paste but Boi-ing has eclipsed that for me in many ways. For a start the colour match is perfect where I found the Erase Paste too orangey, I use shade 01. I just love the consistency and the fact that it covers anything! This is advertised as a industrial strength concealer and it is exactly that! The Erase Paste covered well but was too thick and clung in the eye creases making it very unflattering. It was also a bit sticky. But Boi-ing is smooth and brightening and overall amazing.

So this is what I have repurchased and what I will continue to use. I do want to try the Nars creamy concealer soon but I wanted to have my Boi-ing ready in my make up bag waiting incase I don't like it.

So what is your favourite concealer and have you tried Boi-ing?

Friday, 26 July 2013

Calling all retro rockabilly loving ladies - Collectif clothing sale

If you love the retro, rockabilly pin up style like me then you are in for a treat.
Collectif Clothing are a UK company who specialise in retro clothing and they have just launched a 50% off sale until the end of July. You just need to enter the promo code HOT50 at checkout. It isn't valid on sale items or accessories but I've just picked up some bargains.
As I still have some weddings yet to go to this year I've been on the hunt for a new dress anyway. Here's what I got:
The Dolores Doll flared dress in blue hibiscus RRP £59.50
The Dolores Sweetheart top in blue polka dot RRP £25
Both half price and I'm delighted. If you've seen the leopard print dress on my blog and my YouTube channel then you will recognise it as a Collectif Dolores fitted dress, it is one of my favourites.
So head on over to
Let me know if you pick up any bargains.
Jodie x

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The best bronzer for pale skin video now up on my YouTube channel

If you are pale like me and wondering which bronzer to choose then please watch this video, this is a light buildable matte bronzer by The Body Shop and it is my go to bronzer this summer.
Jodie x

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Beauty Formulas cucumber clay face mask

I recently went in my local Boots looking for the Amie clay face mask but they didn't stock the Amie range in store so I decided to pop into Body Care which stocks cheap beauty products as well as branded ones. I came across this clay face mask for 99p and so I thought I'd try it seeing as the Amie one would set me back £5.

It is a cucumber mask that claims to rejuvenate skin and unblock pores. It contains Vitamin E and it is paraben free. You just cleanse your skin as normal and then apply this and leave it on for 3 minutes, you can leave it on longer though if you want for a deeper cleanse.

I used this once and found it did feel nice on my skin and left it feeling cleaner. The mask feels light on the skin not thick like a lot of the masks. The cucumber scent smells very natural and it isn't to overpowering. Overall I would recommend this mask for 99p as it could be as good as some of the more expensive ones out there.

Have any of you tried this beauty mask range?

Jodie x

Monday, 22 July 2013

How to apply cream blusher video now up on my YouTube channel

Do you love the look of cream blushers but are unsure of how to apply them?
Please check out my quick tutorial which shows you the best way to apply cream blushers to give a even all over flawless look.
My favourite cream blushers are definitely the Bourjois ones which I use in the video.
Please let me know if this video helped you at all or if you have any other tips.
Jodie x

Sunday, 21 July 2013

My Bourjois Haul video is now up on my YouTube channel

Hi please check out my Bourjois Haul video to see what items I got in touch the Boots latest 3 for 2 offer. I also got a Bourjois freebie so please watch it to find out what it is.
Jodie xxx

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Midi skirt second hand shop finds

So Midi skirts are back in fashion! And as I am a huge 1940s fashion follower I love the long skirts. Yes they do look like you raided your grans wardrobe but with a modern twist you will be retro glam in no time. I picked these two up from my local second hand shops and they cost me a whopping total of £1.50.

I love the polka dot one best, don't worry it isn't so shiny in real life I just had the flash on. So alls I need are some nice retro blouses and some vintage waves and I'm good to go. The second looks pretty horrid on its own but with the right top and accessories I'm sure I can pull it off and if I fail it was only £1 so it doesn't matter.

Anybody you ladies rocking the midi skirts this season?

Jodie x

OPI Shatter Nail Lacquers found in poundworld

So when I was rooting through the beauty products in my local Poundworld in Wigan I found these gems! There are some full size OPI topcoat polishes that give a shattered effect to the nails. These retail at £11 but I've found them on sale at BeautyBay for £8.25 so when I came across them in the poundshop I was in shock.
I would never pay full price for these but as they were so cheap I snapped up the two shades that they had in which were Black Shatter and Shatter the Scales. You can tell by the bottles that these are a premium brand right down to the brush, it felt like a treat to use as I'm used to the cheaper polishes.
Black Shatter is matte black where as Shatter the Scales is a glittery emerald green.

I roughly tried these polishes out against my Nails Inc Portabello and Headlines Gunmetal Black to see what the overall effect it. I apologise for the messiness but you get the idea.
You put your normal varnish on and leave to dry then quick add this topcoat in one stoke (so make sure you have a generous amount on the brush to quickly spread it).

The Headlines with the Black Shatter has a nice effect as does the Nails Inc Portabello with the Shatter the Scales. As for the other two variations I'm not keen. I can't imagine using these topcoat often but for a £1 I can't complain. I can't wait to start trying other variations out. What do you think?

Jodie x

How to apply cream blusher

So when I first dabbled in cream blusher I was like how do you apply this thing? My normal blusher brush was a no go and using my finger just didn't distribute it evenly.
So I decided to search the net as you do and YouTube but unfortunately there wasn't much guidance around hut thank to one of my favourite bloggers Emily Noel we have the answer. Behold the stipple brush!
The stipple brush is a flat top headed brush which can be used to apply and liquid or powder make up. It is perfect for cream blusher as it distributes it perfect and evenly woohoo I love my new toy. The Stila flat top brush looks amazing buy being on a budget I got the Elf Stipple brush for approx £4 it was sold out on their website so I got mine from eBay. This brush is from the Elf studio line which is a more professional line that the cheaper stuff and even though it still purse friendly prices the quality is top notch! I've even some some pros using this thing on YouTube it is a must ladies!
So to apply the cream blush you can go straight to the pan or put some on the back of your hand first, dab your brush in and then pat on your cheeks, the patting motion works best rather than swooping up the cheeks like I do with my usual blusher brush.
I hope this post helped you out as I was stumped at how to apply cream blusher and I love the Bourjois ones so much.
If you have a different method as how you apply cream blush please share.
Jodie x

Thursday, 18 July 2013

My favourite Benefit eye palettes

I love the whole concept of Benefits eye palettes as you get a whole complete look from the one palette alone. Here are my favourites:

1. Most glamourous nudes, this is amazing for a day or night look. I will be rocking this for my upcoming summer weddings as the colours go with any outfit. The colours also have serious staying power.

2. Peek a Bright Eye's, this was my favourite ever eye pallette for a while and even though it has been replaced now it still holds a special place in my heart. This is such a quick look to do with instant wow factor results. It is perfect for day wear and I love how you get some eye bright in there too.

3. Smokin Eyes, this is a seriously sexy palette the only problem I have with this is that I don't wear it enough! The shadow shades and pigments are to die for and the highlight shadow is the best I've come across. It's a bonus you get make up to do your eyebrows to. This is definitely a must have.

What's your favourite Benefit eye palette?

Jodie x

My favourite summer flats

So I'm in the process of getting my old feet tattoos covered up (they got very badly infected and lost a lot of color) so I'm finding it difficult to wear shoes of any sorts.

1.They have to be flat as if my foot is at a angle in heels it stretches the skin over my tattoo and feels uncomfortable, it's better to let it heal as normal as possible. Also when my tattoo was fresh my foot swelled up.

2. They have to try and not cover the tattoo or rub on it at all. If any of the scab gets rubbed off to early then it will be patchy underneath. I am getting it coloured In soon in a couple of weeks so I want to try and wear shoes that let it air as much as possible to help the healing. (fact: feet tattoos take longer to heal than other places of the body).

3. They have to be appropriate and comfortable enough to wear at work all day. Thankfully my work has no strict uniform rules so any of these shoes are fine.

So i am currently living in these ballet flats:

* Iron Fist Landubber slingbacks. These are perfect for casual or party wear I love them but unfortunately they have seen better days.
* Asda George polka dot ballet shoes, these are current season and super comfy. These are my current go to flats for work.
* Cat shoes unbranded from eBay. I love these as I am cat obsessed. Now my tattoo outline is towards the end of healing process I can get away with these as when it was fresh there was no way I could wear these with the eyes sticking over my foot.

The ideal bronzer for pale skin - The Body Shop honey matte bronzer

So this summer I decided to try out bronzer for the first time but I was abit daunted by them all due to having quite pale skin. I have a sample of Benefits Dallas in my Powda Wowza palette but it's far too dark for me, so I've kind of been put of bronzer and I've not known how to use them until now.
My bronzer of choice is The Body Shop Honey matte bronzing powder. The fact that this is a matte bronzer really got my attention as all the ones I've seen in shops are shimmer, but matte looks so much better on and it is perfect for giving my face a bit of contouring without looking like a scary person.
This bronzer first caught my eye on one of the latest A Model Recommends videos and she just made it look so perfect I knew it was the one for me, I got the same shade that she used in her video which is medium shade 3. If I had not watched her use it I would have bought shade 1 the lightest one as that's what I always do with foundations and concealers. So i did feel a bit crazy getting the shade 3 but these bronzers are very pale and this shade suits me perfectly, it is very subtle but build able.
I will do a demonstration video very soon.
I bought a Bourjois bronzer/kabuki brush just for this occasion but I've not had chance to test it yet so I'll let you know if the brush is any good or not very soon.
I apply this over my primer or foundation just to the back of the cheekbones giving my face some needed structure. I like to build up the colour most here. I then apply across the forehead and you can even sweep it down your nose and on the chin. Anywhere where the sun will naturally catch your skin first.
Contouring the face gives it the illusion of being slimmer and after applying this you can immediately see the difference it makes in your while appearance. This product will definitely be a make up bag staple from now on.
What do think of this? If you are pale like me is there another bronzer that you use?
Jodie x

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

My favourite Lancome lipstick and lip liner

I adore this lipstick by Lancome as it is such a pretty shade and it's not too bold it is just right, in fact it's not bold at all. The swatches don't really do this justice.

It is a bit darker than my natural lip shade but gives a great pigmented pink berry shade. It is just gorgeous and the formula feels nice and soft and silky on the lips. It also smells divine with a feminine aura to it.

It holds a special place in my heart as this is the shade that I wore on my wedding day, it is the nu rose 06 with the 315 rose lipliner.
I love how pretty the Lancome packaging is you know that when you buy it that you are getting something very high quality and a prestige. The lip liner is a pencil one on one end with a lip brush on the other.
I definitely want to try other shades in the Lancome lipsticks but for now this is my favourite.

What's inside my travel make up bag this month...

So I like to carry abit of makeup around with me inside my main handbag for any touch ups or disasters. It gives me something less to worry about if I know I am prepared for almost anything.
The products on this bag to vary from week to week sometimes so I hope to make this a regular topic.

So here is what I am currently carrying with me:

1. Bourjois colour boost lipstick crayon in peach on the beach
This has quickly become one of my favourite items as I just love the colour of this as it is perfect for daytime. The colour lasts really well and apart from bring waterproof it is SPF 15 so I will be rocking this on my lips most of the summer.

2. Benefit fake up concealer in light
This isn't my favourite concealer but I like the pretty packaging and it's nice and compact for any midday touch ups over my other concealer.

3. Benefit eye bright stick
I don't use this everyday but sometimes if I feel that I need that extra something or I'm looking abit tired this tends to perk me up. I just use it in the inner corner of the eyes, under the brow and them 3 cat flicks at the outer corner of the eyes and then blend and voila I'm awake.

4. Bourjois cream blush in 01
I am so happy that I now own this blusher in 01 and 02 I love them both so much. I like to carry the 01 blush around with me as it's so small and compact but it also includes a mirror which is good as in usually leave this by my desk with a lipgloss for emergencies. This gives just the right amount of colour for soft flushed cheeks.

5. W7 go west matte lipstick in candy pink
This is another new one but it gives a great pigmented pop of colour to my lips on days when I'm feeling colourful. I'm abit obsessed with these matte lipsticks and this colour is my favourite. They are super cheap are approx £2.50 each so I am constantly raving about this product.

6. Burts Bees lip balm
I have never tried Burts Bees before but I have read a lot of good reviews on blogs. I really want to try one of the sample starter kits to test out more of the skincare range. This has a nice and fresh feeling on the lips with a peppermint flavour.

7. Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder
I am not going to bore you rambling about how much I love this again but I cannot be without it so it stays with me 24/7. Just take my word for it that's it's good and that you need it in your life.

8. Optrex eye drops for tired eyes
I'm not going to repeat myself with this one either but as a contact lens wearer the heat dries out my eyes so bad that it hurts. This helps to refresh and lubricate them throughout the day.

9. Benefit beautiful bermuda betty bag
For me this is just the perfect little size to keep all my travel bits in. It's nice and small but still roomy. It is square shaped so I can struggle to fit some long full sized lip glosses in.

What are you daily travel essentials that you couldn't be without?
Jodie x

Benefit Rockateur Box o Powder due for release September 2013

So as I am a huge Benefit fan I squealed with delight at the thought of a new Powder Blusher as powder blushes are my favourite.

This one is called Rockateur and is a rose gold blush, it is due for release in September 2013 and I can't wait to see swatches of this beauty.
I hope I can wear it as my immediate thought was that it might not suit my fair skin but I can't wait to find out. This will be £23.50 and will be out just in time to make my Christmas list.

Jodie x

Monday, 15 July 2013

Fellow contact lens wearers rejoice

So it's that time of the year where you get all hot and bothered everywhere and I mean everywhere urgh. I find the heat really dries out my eyes and makes wearing contact lenses for a full 9-12 hour day uncomfortable.
I enjoy wearing them as I can see better in them and it gives me more freedom I especially like how I can wear my favourite cat eye sunnies, so what's the solution?.

I have found this little gem, it's rehydrating eye drops by Optrex especially for dry eyes and most importantly you can use this with your contact lenses in woohoo! This gives my eyes the little pick me up that they need midday to stop my eyes feeling dry and sore.

So if you wear contact lenses and you have tried this or have any other tips please let me know. Jodie x

I've been nominated for a "Very Inspiring Blogger Award"

Hi so tonight I've found out that Lou over at has nominated me for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award and I am thrilled so thank you Lou! It's nice to know that people enjoy reading my blog as I am quite new to the bloggersphere, but I am really enjoying doing it and I try to post as much as I can.

The rules for this award are:-

1.  Display the award logo on your blog.

2.  Link back to the person who nominated you.

3.  Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award and link to them.

4.  Notify these bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.

So, here are the blogs I have nominated for this award as these are the ones that I read most often:

I wish I could nominate more as I do read a lot of blogs. I'm especially loving the bloglovin app as it's so simple and clean looking. Thank you again for reading my blog and for the nomination it has cheered up my Monday blues.

Jodie x

Too Faced Summer Eyes palette coral make up look

After introducing the Too Faced Summer Eyes palette to you a little while ago I have finally got round to doing a YouTube demonstration of it.
I have chose my favourite look from the palette which is the classic look using peach fuzz, coral crush and chocolate sun.
This is my go to palette on a daily basis and after having it a month or two I am still completely in love with it. It's not the easiest palette to get hold of but I bought it from Beauty Bay.
Please let me know what you think of it? Jodie x

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Bourjois Haul cream blush 01 & 02 colours and the Bourjois colour boost lipstick crayon in peach on the beach

So I've been wanting to try the Bourjois cream blushers for a while the whole world and their dog seem to be raving about this little pots of goodness. So when I saw Boots had a 3 for 2 offer on online I was very tempted.
I also liked the look of the colour boost lip crayon in shade Peach on the Beach but it was sold out everywhere online.
Anyway I popped into my local boots today telling myself that I would only buy the Bourjois cream blush in 02 healthy glow it all went rather downhill as the 3 for 2 offer was available in store and if you bought 3 products (one of which was free) the you got some free sunglasses. I was at the point of caving in when I saw they had the colour boost lip crayon in stock in peach on the beach when it was sold out everywhere else argh my poor credit card. I know these are cheapish end products but I'm trying to curb in my spending but this offer was too good to resist as I have wanted these products for ages and I knew I'd get more than money's worth out of them.
So here's what I got:
Bourjois cream blush - 01 nude velvet
After much debating on the colour to get of this blush I'd decided on 02 but due to the offer I got this as well, these shades where recommend by The Tattooed Tea Lady who is one of my favourite bloggers so I went with the 01 instead of the 03 for this time of the year. My store didn't have a tester of the 01 so it was abit of a gamble that has paid off. I am thrilled with the colour as it is gorgeous. It is a light pink with a hint of peach. It blends flawlessly and feels velvety unlike the greasy MUA ones.
Bourjois cream blush - 02 healthy glow
I forgot to mention above but I adore the packaging for these it is nice and compact with a mirror inside. They are nice and light to carry around and they feel very good quality they even have a magnetic closure. I understand why everyone loves them so much now.
This shade is a gorgeous apricot peach which is my favourite as I knew it would be. It is very similar to my favourite blusher Coralista but without the sparkle to it as these are matte blushers.
Bourjois colour boost lipstick - 04 peach on the beach 
I know the lip crayon market is very saturated but Bourjois being Bourjois have pulled this one out of the bag and these are a must have. They have only just been released and are selling out fast everywhere. They are waterproof and contain SPF 15 which is just a added bonus. They are a nice pigmented gloss that feel good on the lips like a balm but nice and light. Bourjois state that you get 10 hours wear out of it so I will have to get back to you on that.
Swatch L-R: nude velvet blush 01, healthy glow blush 02 & peach on the beach lipstick.
Overall I am thrilled with these products as I wanted them anyway but the Boots 3 for 2 offer is a complete no brained with a free cute pair of sunnys. What are you gals waiting for go go go.

My current summer must haves for this week

My summer must haves changes on a weekly basis it seems but here is what I'm currently loving:

1. Bourjois bronzing brush - this is cheap and cheerful. As I am new to the whole bronzing thing (I love to be pale) I didn't want to splash the cash on a pricey brush. So as I am just testing the waters this is a great brush for under a fiver.

2. The Body Shop Honey Matte Bronzer - After watching A Model Recommends use this in her latest video I just knew that I had to have it. I've never used a bronzer as mentioned above I like to be pale. But during this heatwave I felt I needed a little something extra and this is very subtle for us paler folk. I will also use it for contouring. I currently have Benefits Dallas but it's too dark for me and looks fake. This looks very natural.

3. Bourjois Cream Blusher in 02 Healthy Glow - I have been wanting this for ages and I still don't own it yet argh! I am hoping to change that this week though as I have been lusting over it for too long.

4. Elf Studio Stipple Brush - even though it's cheap this is from their pro line and is the perfect companion for no.3. I have tried cream blushers recently and I can't get them to blend so I'm hoping this is the answer to all my prayers. I've watched Emily Noel use it in one of her youtube videos and she has sold it to me. Also it's only £3.50.

What do you think of my current picks? Have you tried any of these and what did you think of them?

Jodie x

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Meh products that I won't be repurchasing

So these are the products that have not lived up to the hype and that I found disappointing. Here is what I won't be repurchasing and why:

1. Benefit Fake Up - So as you know I'm a huge Benefit fan and I purchased this on launch day but unfortunately I don't love it. It's not the worst concealer but for the price it just isn't worth it. I have the other Benefit concealers Boi-ing and Erase Paste and the Latest Benefit offering just isn't as good as the older classics. I don't like this as I find it too greasy and that the coverage isn't great.

2. Elf Shine Sheets - I picked these up as a alternative to the Kleenex shine absorbing ones but unfortunately they are no where near as good. I found that these did virtually nothing to my skin. With the Kleenex you can see them working but not with these. Even though they where only cheap it was a complete waste of money and I won't be buying them again.

3. Organic Surge Super Intensive Daily Moisturiser - with this I love the packaging and the fact that it's all organic and such but the smell! It's just too overpowering and awful that I would never buy this ever. I will happily try other products by Organic Surge providing they don't smell like this. I have used this product in fact it's nearly empty I just have to tolerate the stink.

4. Benefit Fine One One - Another Benefit product that hasn't lived up to the hype for me. This is more of a gimmick I guess. It isn't the worst cream blush in the world it does give nice results and to be fair this product got me obsessed with highlighters. I like to wear it on lazy days but I wouldn't repurchase it.

5. MUA Cream Blushers - These didn't live up to the hype either. They are exciting because they are cheap but I found them greasy and hard to blend. It would take me ages faffing about to not leave it looking patchy on my skin so for me these are another no.

Do you have any of these products? And are you in the same boat as me with then? Please leave me a comment :-)

Jodie x

Thursday, 11 July 2013

My retro rockabilly look of the day - inspired by Dita Von Teese

So last Saturday I had a busy day as during the day my local town had a 1940s event day on which included live music, vintage clothes and a good old fashion cup of tea in a china cup. This was followed my sister in laws hen night in the evening so I wanted a look that would be suitable for both day and night.

Here is what a came up with: the first collage is the make up I wore, my dress, my inspiration - Dita Von Teese as always and my accessories for the day. The second collage is my finished look.

Hair & Make Up - This was a look which I love and don't variate much from its a classic vintage style. Shaped eyebrows, winged eyeliner, simple eyeshadow and a bright red lip. Not to forget the added glamour with a fake beauty spot.
With my hair I went for the victory rolls which was my first attempt at this and I must say it was more difficult than I thought it would be. The YouTube tutorials make it look so easy haha. Surprisingly my hair stayed up and didn't budge all day or night thanks to a lot of bobby pins and hairspray.

Dress - This is the fitted Dolores dress by Collectif which is my favourite at the moment I just love the shape and fit of this dress. It is available in a lot of different prints both fitted or flared. I couldn't resist this when I saw the leopard print.

Accessories - I wore a red flower in my hair at the back of one of my victory rolls this was to add to the retro rockabilly look which I favour. I used my vintage 1940s bag that I picked up at a fair a few weeks ago and a non retro plastic oversized bow ring that I just love. I can't resist leopard print or bows it seems.

I hope you like my retro look - Jodie x