Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder

For years I have tried different products to try and combat any unwanted shine. I'm not a oily monster or anything but I find my t-zone can get quite shiny. It probably doesn't help as I moisturise before putting my make up on but that's what we are supposed to do right. Cleanse, tone and moisturise before starting the day.

I found that the Kleenex shine absorbing sheets worked for me but I might have needed a touch up throughout the day but these I believe have been discontinued! I was gutted when I went to buy them from my local supermarket and they where gone so I began my search to look for something better.

I came across this product when reading a few blogs and I liked the look of it so I decided to try it out at my local Urban Decay counter at the Trafford Centre.
As my first Urban Decay purchase this didn't let me down, it feels very good quality as usually plastic compacts feel light and cheap but not this one. This has a good weight to it and feels very hard wearing.

The compact itself is dark purple with a gothic rose like design which is etched deep down underneath the surface. It looks really good. It comes with a mirror inside and a purple puff which has a nice UD brand detailing. The puff adheres to the mirror too due to the material of it which is handy.

The powder is white which might alarm some people but don't worry it is translucent, so there are no nasty white powder marks in sight I promise. It smells nice and feminine and is very light and delicate it is so easy to apply. The puff picks up just a little of product and it feels nice and silky and smooth on the face. It goes on very nice and instantly banishes any shine, this product is definitely a gift from the cosmetic gods! I recommend it for everyone. It is suitable for any skintone due to being translucent. It lasts quite a long time too I could probably go all day without a top up. It can be worn alone or over make up as the perfect setting powder. What are you waiting for ladies this is a must have for the summer.

Please let me know what you think about this product or what you would recommend for combating shine. Jodie x


Katie Schick said...

Urban Decay is one of my all time favorite brands, so many amazing products! This powder sounds amazing! My favorite translucent powder is makeupforever's HD finishing powder, but I might have to try this one out to see how it compares!

Loved this post!

Beauty Banter Blog said...

Have you tried the Urban Decay makeup setting sprays? They work really well for controlling oil!

Maddy @

Jodie Melling said...

Hi ladies thank you for your comments as they are greatly appreciated.

Katie - I have never tried that one but I would recommend you try this Urban Decay one as I use it everyday now It would be in my top 5 products. If you try it report back and let me know what you think :-)

Beauty Banter - I have never tried it but I have read raving reviews about it! I will have to give it ago :-) I love your blog btw.

Jodie x

Gemma T said...

It does sound lovely! I love the packaging it's so lovely, and so Urban Decay! I think I'd love to try this and compare it to my Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot powder. I'm desperate to combat the shine, it's just so sticky and muggy isn't it?! xx

Gemma | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

Jodie Melling said...

Hi Gemma I was tempted with the Soap & Glory one as I've heard good reviews about it but I had my heart set on this one. I really would recommend it it is amazing!

Jodie x

Em Sheldon said...

i really wanna try this, apparently ELF do one similar for like £5:) sounds good though, love Em x