Monday, 1 April 2013

Which Benefit primer is best?

Benefit have a few primers out and they are all fabulous but if you are struggling to choose one, I will try and help.

On the pictures they are from left to right: Porefessional, That Gal and Girl Meets Pearl.

They each do different things:

Porefessional - This is my favourite as the colour is perfect for my skin. It is a light beige and even though it's a primer it works so well for me I don't need to wear foundation. As you have probably guessed from the name it minimises the apprentice of pores. I don't have a clue how it works I know that it just does, and it does it well. A little bit of this goes along way too. It feels very silky smooth and light on the skin. If you feel you need touch ups throughout the day you can pat on over make up for a instant perk me up. You can use this on all of your face concentrating on your t zone as this is usually where the most visible pores are.

That Gal - This stuff smells of strawberrys and it a thicker cream than the Porefessional. It is pink in colour and is used to brighten the face if you are having a dull day. This stuff is really good and is best worn under foundation but can be worn on top of foundation or alone. This can be mixed with Girl Meets Pearls for bright pearly cheeks so there would be no need for blusher.

Girl Meets Pearl - This is a highlighting primer and this is my least favourite of the 3. This is pink out of the tube but has gold highlighting tones. It is very nice but just not for me. It is best mixed with foundation or blusher for a subtle glow on either your whole face or cheeks. As this is mostly a highlighter I don't really use it as I have Watts Up and Highbeam which I prefer. I think this primer is more suited for darker skintones. It is very nice and gives your face a second glow so maybe save it for party's.

So out of the 3 Porefessional is my favourite and more suited to my fair skin. It is my favourite primer for everyday wear. That gal is great for cheating your way to a bright healthy glow if you have had a heavy night the evening before.
I have recently got Dr Feelgood which is also a priming balm so I will review this soon as I haven't tried it out yet.

Let me know what your favourite is?

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