Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Liquid Eyeliner Comparison - Benefit Magic Ink V's Collection Fast Stroke

So I have recently started using liquid eyeliner as I think it looks better for retro eye looks. I went out and bought Benefits Magic Ink for £15.50 as you all know are my favourite brand and then I got my May Glossybox which had the Collection Fast Stroke eyeliner in it, so my question was which is better?
The Collection one only retails at £2.99 compared with Benefits £15.50 made this a important comparison for me.
I have done a YouTube video demonstrating my comparison below, so please watch it so you can decide which is best for yourself.
Benefit Magic Ink £15.50 for 2.5ml -
* Trusted Brand
* Cute packaging as always
* Thinner nib for more precision
* Pricey
* Not waterproof
Collection Fast Stoke £2.99 for 3.5ml
*You get more in
* Waterproof
* Smooth application
* Cheap
* Looks just as good as premium brands
* Not as much precision as the Benefit one.
I will definitely use them both but when they run out it will be the less expensive Collection one that I will be purchasing sorry Benefit.
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