Friday, 31 May 2013

My skincare routine with Benefit B. Right range

After trying out some of Benefit travel size skincare products I decided to get some of them full size to use everyday. Here is my daily skincare routine.

Sometimes I do this routine morning and night sometimes it's just at night time only. This depends on how much make up I've been wearing the day before as I can use make up remover on my eyes, wash my face use make up remover again, sleep and I still have panda eyes when I wake up. The Benefit They're Real mascara is relentless to get off.

Anyway step one: I use a Nivea gentle make up remover blotted onto cotton pads and then I use this to remove any eye makeup.

Step two: I wash my face with the Benefit cleansing facial wash. I absolutely adore this as it smells so fresh and amazing. It's simple and foams very quickly you don't need to use much. A full size tube has lasted me about 5 months. Dry with towel. I picked this face wash over the facial scrub as I found that too rough for daily use as I prefer this gentle wash.

Step three: repeat step one as my eyes are resembling panda ones at this point.

Step four: Benefit toner. I splash a bit of this on my face and if I've used too much I dab the excess off with a cotton pad. It usually soaks in nicely though. This stuff feels really smooth. I'm not sure what it does but my face always feels so much cleaner after using this.

Step five: it's potent, this little pot of wonder by Benefit is one of my favourites. It's nice and delicate and I use this around my eye area. It helps to keep the area looking naturally bright and smooth.

Step six: finally I use the Benefit Total Moisture cream on my face and neck. Compared to all the other moisturisers I've tried this is my favourite as it soaks In immediately it's like my skin is drinking this stuff down. Also it isn't greasy and it smells great. As I've mentioned in a previous post that since I have been using this skincare range I have been complemented on my 'glowing complexation'. This moisturiser won hands down over Benefits triple emulsion cream as I found that greasy and it didn't soak in very well.

Overall I love this skincare collection and I will be gutted when it is discontinued as it is perfect for my skin. So I would recommend trying out the different sample products out there before committing to a pricey full size one.

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