Thursday, 19 June 2014

Primark Yellow Bag

I was currently rocking my Zara Mini City handbag which I still love but I have been wanting something a bit smaller now that I have finished work for maternity leave. I don't need to carry as much stuff or try and squeeze in my dinner.
I still need to carry my maternity notes everywhere that I go and some other non glamorous pregnancy essentials (breast pads anyone?).
I knew that I wanted a across the body bag so I can be hands free when I'm finally pushing my pram and I knew that I wanted a nice summery colour. I mainly wanted a pastel colour such as baby pink, blue or mint green but when I saw this bag I knew this was the perfect one. It only comes in bright yellow or black and my local store only had 2 yellow left and tonnes of black so it must be a popular pick.
Primark do have some super cute and cheap mini satchels at the moment which I nearly decided on one but I love this one so much more as it's a little bigger and has a front pocket. I really don't have anything negative to say apart from some of the Primark bags quality can be terrible. The last one left of the shelf the handle was stitched on all lopsided.

Anyway here are the positives:

* bright colour perfect for summer with contrasting black piping and zip. Looks super stylish.
* cheap! at only £8.00
* adjustable strap.
* good amount of pockets, good size front pocket with clasp, zip to main pocket and I smaller zipped compartment inside.
* small in size (not positive for everyone but it was just what I wanted).

As this bag has been such a hit I have seen it on eBay for buy it now prices of £20 which is crazy seeing as the RRP is only £8. If you can still get your hands on this bag I would recommend it as I plan to use it future summers to come.

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