Saturday, 1 June 2013

How to get defined eyebrows with Benefit Brow Zings + Highbrow

As I have mentioned before I just used to pluck and occasionally get my eyebrows waxed to keep them nice and trim. Back then it was fashionable to have tiny thin eyebrows but now the bolder brow is back in fashion as we all know.

So to get beautiful brows you will need:
1. Tweezers
2. Eyebrow comb/brush
3. Eye brow styling kit such as Benefit Brow Zings containing eyebrow wax, powder and a angled make up brush.
4. Brow highlighter, I use the Benefit High Brow stick.
5. Cotton buds and makeup remover.

Step one - Get Plucky So I tweezer my brows almost daily to keep them looking the shape I want. If you want a new shape I would recommend going to a brow bar and to let the professionals do it.

Step Two - Brush Before applying any make up to the brows it is important to brush them to keep them looking neat and to make sure all the hairs are facing the correct way. Also after tweezing this removes any stray hairs that have been left behind.

Step Three - wax & powder With my Brow Zings kit I first of all users the hard angled brush that comes with it and sweep it in the wax and then the powder and tap off any excess.
Starting from the inner corner outwards I apply at a slight upwards angle up to where I want the arch to be.
I sweep it around to form the arch that I want and then angle it from there outwards for the last flick. For more definition I use some more product sweeping the same brush held horizontal and fill in any sparse parts of the brow in little sweeps going along the brow imitating hairs. This helps to keep the brow looking natural.

Step four - more powder After this I use the powder brush that comes with my kit and sweep it in the powder only again tapping off any excess.
I start from the inner corner again a little bit more inwards than last time letting my brow take the shape of the brush which is the perfect size to start off your eyebrow.
I sweep up to the arch and then again changed the brush angle to get the narrower small last bit of brow which is angled inwards towards my eye.

Step five - wipe away any mistakes I then use a cotton bud dipped in makeup remover to clean up my brow lines and keep them looking sharp.

Step six - highlight I then use the Benefit High Brow stick to apply a small amount of product all the way under the eyebrows, then gently smudge it along with my finger blending it together. This is my new must have products as it makes loads of difference to your face. It lifts your eyebrows up and makes them look great.

Step seven - practise makes perfect it has taken me quite a few months to get the hang of this and if I have missed doing it for a few days I feel a bit rusty again so get practising and soon you will be able to do it with your eyes closed, well maybe not but you get the idea.

Also if you are looking for a guide how to shape your eyebrows to suit your face then check out Benefits eyebrow mapping guide here as I found this really helpful.

I also plan to do a YouTube video demonstration on this soon as it is hard to explain so please look out for it ladies x

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