Friday, 5 December 2014

My 2015 diary/planner of choice: Busy B busy life diary and matching sticky notes

I'm not usually a diary/planner person but I am a crazy list maker who loves to be organised. I usually use apps (Google Keep) so that my lists are in one place and easy accessible but now that I'm a mum it isn't enough.
I have found a amazing diary/planner by Busy B that is compact enough to carry around and each week is laid out to fit 2 schedules out nicely. It also has numerous pockets to keep bits and bobs in. Pages for reminders, notes, contacts etc.
I plan to use the 2 schedule planner as one for me and my husband and the other for our daughter mainly to fill out what meals are for each day. As we are due to wean her soon and this way I will be able to keep tabs of what she eats each day.
I couldn't resist but I have also purchased the matching sticky notes for this and I can imagine my diary getting full of these very quickly.
This brand do a family diary which is larger that I was torn between but I'm glad that I got this as I can carry it around. It is a bit smaller than A5 and has room for a pen.

You can buy it separately or along with the sticky notes for £10.98 here
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