Thursday, 1 August 2013

My appreciate what you already have month

So it's now August and my wishlist is growing by the day, to stop myself feeling very depressed about all the pretty things that I cannot afford I've decided to root around and dig out some golden oldies and rediscover how much I love them. I never stopped loving these products I just was busy trying new things. So here is what I am appreciating this month:

1. Benefit Foamingly Clean Facial Wash
This cleanser leaves my skin so soft and clean afterwards. It feels very caring on the skin and not harsh like I find some cleansers to be. It also doesn't have a strong smell which I love. It smells pleasant but not strong.

2. Benefit Watts Up
Since I've recently bought a stipple brush I have fell in love with this highlighter all over again. I love the way that it looks on the skin but I always found applying it with my finger the best option which wasn't ideal. It does come with a blender on the opposite end but I've never really liked that I find it just leaves the product patchy on my skin so my new stipple brush is perfect for the highlighter.

3. Benefit Hervana
I'll just get all the Benefit items out of the way first. I am a huge Benefit fangirl but I've recently been trying to discover other brands so this blush got left to the bottom of my make up bag.
It doesn't help that I love the Benefit Coralista blusher more than life so I never find myself picking this one up. So this week I've made more of a effort to use this.
I love the packaging and the brush and the smell (a strong feminine perfume scent) I also most importantly love how it looks on my skin. It is a subtle pinky rose blush which is very buildable. It could also double up as eyeshadows. This is a great blusher for summer.

4. Figs & Rouge Lip Balm
I got this in my May Glossybox and it was one of my favourite items in my box that month. I am glad to rediscover this as it feels nicer on my lips than my recent Bourjois lip products that I've been recently wearing. It also gives enough colour to wear alone and it's completely natural so win win.

5. Burts Bees Lip Balm
This has a nice peppermint fresh scent, this is the first Burts Bees product that I've tried and it feels very moisturising on my lips. I prefer this to my trusty Carmex lip balm now. I want to try some of the tinted ones that they now do.

So if like me you are going to be skint during this 5 week month have a dig through your beauty stash and pick out those lost loved items and appreciate what you already have right in front of you.
Let me know if you make any good discoveries along the way. X

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