Saturday, 26 January 2013

Ted Baker Rocksy purse in pink

I know I've not had my Iron Fist purse very long but over Christmas I fell in love with the Ted Baker Mardun bag and eventually got it. Anyway I wanted a matching cute good quality Ted Baker purse to go with it.
I got the handbag in black and i knew straight away that I didn't want a black purse and that I wanted to go for a bright colour. At first I was thinking of the Tyro purse with a cute little crystal bow clasp but as soon I saw this one I knew it was The One! It was the last one on the shelf in selfridges and i thought it was perfect. I love the bow shaped clasp and the bright pink colour.
It has a little zip pocket at the back for coins and you open it where there is a large pocket for coins. The lining is of a butterfly print which is really nice. It is real leather too.
You open it again to reveal the card slots and 2 sections for notes. It all fastens away very neatly and it is a great purse. For the large loving purse ladies out there they do a larger version but I am happy with this.

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