Tuesday, 1 January 2013

My top rated skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are definitely a wardrobe must have for any woman and I know jeans are so hard to get right.
I always need to try jeans on in the shop as sizes vary so much by store. I can be a size 10 in one shop a 12 in another and then a size 14 in another all in the same day it's ridiculous. So yes trying them on in store is a must. Here are my 3 favorites, one high street mid range, one cheap pair and one high end. So no matter your budget you can get some great skinny jeans.

1. New Look Supersoft:
My favorite skinny jeans at the moment are by New Look and are called super soft, they are amazing and very comfortable. They are nice and soft and have a good bit of stretch. I really hate hard rigid jeans especially with skinnys you feel like you can't move your legs. This is why I stay away from Primark jeans they are good because they are cheap but they fit and feel terrible.
A bonus with the New Look ones is that they come in various leg lengths so they are suitable for anyone who is 30'' or 34'' leg.
I'm a standard size 12, 32'' leg in these, I bought them in the high waist version too but they aren't as comfy. These New Look jeans are great for the price approx £25. I would rate them over any other high street jeans.

2. George Soft Skinny:
I only bought these last week and they are a bargain at £14. I can't find them on there website yet so they mustn't be up yet. They are dark blue wash with little turn ups at the bottom.
I love them as they feel exactly like the New Look ones nice and soft and stretchy. These are a definite winner. They don't fit as nice as the New Look ones as I got a size 14 with these, as the 12 was too small but the 14 is too big. They are wearable but I'm always pulling them up so ill have to invest in a belt. Anyway they are lovely and comfy and definitely worth the money. Great if your on a tight budget.

3. Carhartt Liz Pant:
These are without a doubt the best jeans I have ever had! They are pricey at £95 but they are a investment. Unfortunately I don't have them anymore as I wore them out and put on weight but I would love to get some again. I was lucky enough to get them free from Carhartt, as the shop I work at used to sell Carhartt clothing and the rep kitted us out with free jeans.
I had them in a blue vintage wash with a leather Carhartt logo tab to the back right hand pocket. I had a 28 waist, 32 leg and they fitted perfect back when I was a size 10.
You can get these in a few different colours and washes now but overall very hard wearing and extremely comfy I still always think of them. Even for mens jeans I would recommend Carhartt as I love the denim they use.

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