Saturday, 26 January 2013

Ted Baker Mardun handbag in black

This is by far my favorite purchase for a long time I absolutely love everything about it!
I fell in love with this after Christmas and just knew I would do everything and anything to have it. I am more of a handbag lady than a shoe lady so when I fell in love with it I was crazy until I had it.
I searched around online everywhere that sells Ted Baker, Hurley, Ted Baker official website, House of Fraiser, John Lewis to name a few and everywhere I saw the same thing "Out Of Stock". I've never been so sad to see those 3 words. I managed to find one on ebay new with tags but I sold before I could convince my husband that £130 wasn't too much for a handbag. I was devastated.
Everywhere had it available in red, baby pink or nude and i knew I didn't want any other colour apart from black even the sale prices of the other colours down to £90 couldn't tempt me.
It was officially discontinued. I decided to get the phone number of every Ted Baker store within a 20 mile radius and start ringing around, like I said when I want a handbag so bad I'm crazy until it is mine haha. On the 3rd number I tried I was in luck! Yay I was so happy. It was in Selfridges in Manchester town centre they had some black ones left and the lovely shop lady said she could hold one for me until the next day, it was music to my ears. I just had to get through one more day then I would have the bag. The day at work was slow, i arranged to go to Manchester with my best friend the next day and it was great I went straight in and there it was. I have not been apart from it since.
Apart from being gorgeous it has loads of pockets and the size is perfect.
You can wear the handles over your shoulder or just carry it in your hand.
It has a bulldog print lining.
A large pocket at the back for papers or a ipad or small laptop. A large interior pocket with a couple of small ones. 2 main compartments at the front. I have promised my husband that I will use this bag for at least the next 6 months and I don't think that will be a problem. In the future I may invest in a different colour in the bag as i love it so much, but I will see.

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