Friday, 5 September 2014

Magazine advertising - is it getting ridiculous?

So I've recently just bought the travel size version of my favourite magazine - Elle (October 2014). I'm quite fussy I will only buy the smaller travel size of any magazine as if a shop has the larger one but no travel size I won't buy it. Anyway so I've bought it and as usual my handbag now weighs a absolute tonne. These travel size magazines are barely travel size anymore due to the insane amount of adverts in there.
I realised this last month when there was about 20 full pages of adverts just before the contents page Wtf!
To cut down the weight of my magazine and to prove a point I decided to rip out all the pages with double sided adverts. So this does not include all the one page ads with magazine content on the other side (which there are alot of) it also doesn't Include the Elle Promotion pages where a brand take up a few pages with what cleverly looks like magazine content about there products.
Anyway I ripped out 80 pages of double sided ads which equals 160 pages of adverts! and as I've mentioned this is no where near them all.
So well over a third of the magazine is adverts maybe half. So why is something with so many adverts priced at £4 usually (this one was on offer at £2). You have to ask yourself are we being ripped off?

I know magazines have to have adverts but this feels like a obsurd amount. Does anyone else feel the same? Have you noticed more adverts lately?

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