Friday, 7 November 2014

How I conceal my dark under eye circles

As a new mum I don't get as much sleep as I used to. The days of a lazy lie in are now a thing of the past.
In the first few weeks I was lucky to get 2 hours interrupted and I had serious dark under eye circles, like punched in the face dark.
Anyway here is what I use to conceal them like a pro.

First off I wash my face using a cleanser that requires water to wash off. Such as my Nivea foaming facial cleanser. Wash this off with luke warm water and even splash on abit of cold afterwards. This helps to de-puff under the eye.
Moisturise as normal (that's right I don't have time to use toner lol) I use Benefits It's potent eye cream and Garnier Moisture Match gel for dull skin. Let this soak in for about 15 mins. I then start to apply my makeup starting with concealer as I don't wear a foundation.

How I conceal:
My secret weapon is Bobbi Brown's under eye corrector. I got matched to shade extra light bisque. This is a peachy corrector cream that counteracts the under eye red/purpleness. It doesn't work 100% so don't expect miracles but once you put your concealer over it you can tell the difference. I also have the matching concealer/powder duo but I prefer to use the more heavy duty Benefit Boi-ing in the shade light. I then set with a powder straight away, I use Benefit Hello Flawless. And viola I look like a normal none sleep deprived person. If only I could now keep my eyes open lol.

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