Friday, 21 November 2014

Invisibobble updated review after a few weeks use

So I have been wearing the invisibobble almost daily for the past few weeks and I feel that I can now give a in depth review of it.
The claims:
1. doesn't leave a kink
2. doesn't stretch
3. doesn't pull out hair
4. doesn't tug on hair
5. comfortable to wear to bed.

My conclusion is that I like the product and I will continue to wear it but it does not live up to all these claims.

1. This is the main reason for me buying the product as I wanted to secure my hair without kinking but unfortunately it did kink. But only abit, not as much as other bobbles. I tested the kink theory after washing/drying/straightening my hair for a day so it was poker straight and then put in my invisibobble to bed. When I took it out in the morning I was looking forward to just giving my hair a quick brush and expecting the same perfectly straight hair the same way as the day before but no there was a slight kink. No matter how prominent it still needed to be straightened out saving me no time. To be fair usually you can't straighten kinks our I find and you would either need to wear your hair up again that day or to wash it. But a quick straighten with my irons did the job.

2. I have found that wearing the same one for 2 weeks has stretched it, as an first it would only take 2 wraps to secure my hair, then 3 and now finally 4. You can also see that the product is visibly stretched. When I wake up in this product I do find that it has slipped abit down my hair and that it has lost some of its secure grip on my hair. I do however have long thick hair and I have been testing it in a low pony tail. So if you have thin hair then it might stay in place better if your hair isn't as heavy.

3. I have found that it has caught and pulled out a few hairs but not many at all! This is hard for me to accurately review as I am post pregnancy and my hair is falling out in huge clumps anyway, urgh. (all normal so I am told).

4. I can confirm that it does not pull tightly on my hair therefore being very comfortable to wear and not causing me any headaches. This is my favourite thing about this bobble as I am prone to headaches.

5. Even though it is plastic it is very comfortable to wear to bed as it is thin plastic and has lots of springy movement. It does not dig in your head at all. I gave worn it in my hair to bed since I got it and I will continue to do so. I never used to sleep with my hair up but as we are co-sleeping I need to keep my hair tucked away safely from my baby.

Overall great product for the price that I will continue tool use but it isn't a miracle worker against those pesky kinks.

On my picture from left to right: worn since the day of purchase and is the most stretched, the middle one has been worn for 3 days and the one on the far right has never been used.

Jodie x

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