Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Pink Lining Yummy Mummy Changing Bag Review

As a person who loves handbags (who doesnt) I knew that I needed something special as my baby changing bag. I get bored of bags very quickly but I knew that keep buying different baby bags wasn't a option as I would soon be poor lol. So very early on into my pregnancy I quickly decided on a Yummy Mummy due to their cute and quirky design. These bags come in lots of different seasonal designs and I knew that I liked the cute Bee and Stardust print. The only problem was that they are £79 eek and with it being our first baby we still had lots to buy.Buy Here
I kept an eye out on websites and eventually through Bounty on Facebook, Precious Little Ones had them on sale at £45 so when this offer came on I was there! If you keep a look out they do do these sales quite frequently in the Pink Lining bags but it's usually the less popular Mama Bebe bags but look around as they do come up. You can usually buy last seasons designs in the sale from stockists as well.
I knew that this bag was a investment as it will have to go through tonnes of daily wear and tear and it is built for that. It is made from wipe clean waterproof material and has very big sturdy handles.
It features pockets for everything which to a organisation freak like me it was heaven. A pocket for everything that's the dream lol. So my baby is now 4 months old and I feel like I have had a good amount of time to test this bag out and form a opinion. I even used it as my hospital bag.
Here are it's features:
* Designated nappy pockets
* Bottle pockets that apparently keeps it warm for a good amount of time. (I've not tested this as I breastfeed).
* Keys holder clip on a piece of elastic - perfect reach to the front door without needing to unclip.
* Pen pocket. 
* Detachable mirror 
* Lots of internal pockets for your stuff including a zip pocket and front flap pocket for easy access to things such as your phone or bus ticket. No fussing about. 
* My favourite thing is that it comes with a good quality cushioned nappy changing mat! (with cute cupcakes on) As even when you go to places with their own changer I dont want my baby possibly lying in someone else's filth so I put my mat down. It is wipe clean and can be used anywhere such as the floor for a quick and comfortable change.
* It comes with its own zip plastic bag. This is useful for if my baby has been sick on her top and it's minging. I can change her and put the dirty top zipped away in here away from the rest of my bag.
Overall this bag is a winner! 5/5 from me.
Its very practical and aesthetically pleasing.
I also find that they keep their value well if I ever wanted to sell it on. I would have paid the full £79 as I do think that it is worth it but if it's on sale then it's a bonus. I find that I get lots of compliments when I'm out and about with it to.
Jodie x
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