Thursday, 6 November 2014

Invisibobble first impressions

So since becoming a mum I more often than not wear my hair in a pony tail. This is due to my now 4 month old tugging on it and it generally getting in the way.
I've always hated how after going to the effort of straightening my hair and then quickly tying it up to do a small task that the bobble will leave a prominent kink in my hair. You can clearly see where the bobble has been and then my perfectly straight hair is now ruined.
So I've researched online and there are a couple of bobble brands that claim to eliminate this issue! Which are the Invisibobble and the Twistband. I decided to try the Invisibobble due to them being less than half the price.
The Invisibobble can be bought in a pack of 3 from Feel Unique for £3.75.
I bought the shade Apple Appeal which is a cute light green pastel shade.
My first thought it that they are smaller than I imaged but a perfect size to tie up my hair. Just 2 wraps for loose pony tail or 3 for a tight up sturdy pony tail. Both don't budge as I hate having a loose pony and throughout the day the bobble works it way further down and eventually falling out.
Another good point is as they don't pull on the hair they won't give you a headache.
I know that they aren't the most aesthetically pleasing due to their telephone cord like design but are soft enough to wear to bed and be comfortable.
I will post a update on the no kinking when I have had chance to review them for longer. But my first impressions are good.
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