Thursday, 21 March 2013

Benefit Birthday Haul

So it was my birthday the other day and today I went into town to spend my birthday money. It all went on Benefit off course so off to my local Debenhams counter I went and this is what I got:
*Some Kinda Gorgeous Foundation Faker- Lite
*Bad Gal Primer
*High Brow pencil
*Girl Meets Pearl Primer.

I was reluctant to try the Some Kinda Gorgeous foundation faker as I've read bad reviews on it but I'm going to test it and see what I think. Some reviews reported that it smelled really bad and plasticy but when I tried the tester in didn't find that at all. So maybe these reviewers bought fakes off eBay or something.
Bad Gal primer smells so delicious like strawberry, I have a little mini tester of this and I really liked it so I was keen to get the full size. I love the Porefessional primer best but it good to have a change.
I saw the High Brow pencil on a Benefit brow YouTube tutorial video and in thought it looked amazing and really helped to open up the eye. As you know I go on about how I love my Brow Zings so with this too I should have the perfect brows fingers crossed.
Lastly I got the Girl Meets Pearl primer as to be honest I was enticed by the super shiny pretty packaging and I liked how to tester looks. I can't imagine using this daily like the other primers but I wanted to give it ago. This product might be more for evening makeup looks.
I will let you know which I like best and I hope to post some YouTube reviews and tutorials soon once I've tested out the products.

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