Thursday, 21 March 2013

Simple eye make up corrector pen

I bought this from Asda for £5 as I was looking for a product that got rid of any eyeliner/mascara smudges throughout the day. As usually by dinner time if my eyes have been watering due to the high winds out or whatever my make up smudges underneath my eye on top of my concealer. The only way to banish this is to use make up remover so I thought this handy make up remover pen was the answer to my prayers but I was sadly wrong. This is awful it does nothing. The product stays on the nib staining it for the next use and even after cleaning it some transfer may occur. I could live with this if it actually got rid of the make up smudges but it doesn't so I wouldn't waste your money ladies. This one is rubbish unfortunately. I've seen Revlon do something similar but I'm to wary to get another. As for the pesky smudges I still have no solution as I don't want to carry around cotton buds and make up remover. Putting more concealer on top doesn't cover it either. My eyes end up looking dark underneath all day. So I am open to suggestions.

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