Sunday, 3 March 2013

Benefit Smokin Eyes review and tutorial

Benefit Smokin Eyes is the perfect go to kit for a night out. It has 3 complementary eye shadows to give the you the perfect smokey eye look and it has a black eyeliner, mini tweezers, eyebrow wax and an eye brightener.
It includes a step by step guide of how to apply and it's nice and compact to keep in your handbag to go from plain Jane by day to a sexy siren at night.
Just beware of fakes on ebay as there are a lot about at the minute especially of this kit do I would recommend buying direct from Benefit or from one of there counters in Boots or Debenhams.
If you are unsure whether to part with £28.50 for this or not just get a free demo of it at your local counter as they will try a tester on you for free to see if you like it or not.
Please check out my youtube tutorial of this below where I go through It step by step.
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