Thursday, 7 March 2013

Benefit Watts Up Vs Highbeam

Since I've been buying Benefit they have opened my eyes to products which I previously deemed unnecessary these include primers and highlighters to name a couple. As before I would never try these products but they have become a staple in my make up bag.
I got a Benefit mini Highbeam highlighter in their Realness of Concealness kit and i instantly fell in love with it, it is such a great product you can use it on various parts of your face but I only use it on the top of my cheekbones. It helps to shape your face and give your cheekbones more structure.
I bought the Benefit Fine One One and the highlighter in it is amazing, so on my hunt for something similar to it I've just bought the Benefit Watts Up. It is more of a skintone colour compared to the Highbeam and i love it. It looks more natural than the Highbeam and really makes your face glow and beam radiance.
I've not tried it out all day yet but the good point about the Highbeam is it lasts all day and still shines through the powder blush.
I love both of these highlighters but I think overall I will go to the Watts Up for everyday use as it's more of a natural colour.
The packaging is so pretty and i love how it has a blender on one end to blend into other make up.
A highlighter is a must for any ladies makeup bag.
I will soon do a youtube video comparing these highlighters but for now check out the swatches of the colours below. My skin is fair in colour, the Watts Up is the one on the left and the Highbeam is on the right.
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