Thursday, 15 May 2014

My Current Wishlist

So I keep trying to put these products to the back of my mind but they keep creeping back up. I can't help it i want them so I decided to mentally add them to a wishlist and hope that I can treat myself to one or two of these items within the next couple of months.
Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick
This has had lots of rave reviews and it looks so effortless to apply. I love the quality of Bobbi Brown products. I do have a high end Lancome foundation but it is quite thick and full coverage that I just can the bothered to apply part from on special occasions but I can imagine using this daily. Or at least that is what I have convinced myself.
Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheap Pencil - Pink Venus
After seeing this on another blog it looked absolutely beautiful on the lips and it seems like a subtle pink perfect for the season. The fact that it is waxy and more towards a full lip colour than just a liner has me sold on this product.
Soap & Glory Archery Brow Pencil
I've tried numerous brow pencils that always look crap but the fact this has a felt tip like nib on one end gives this more precision than ones I've tried in the past. I do love my Benefit Brow Zings but I'm hoping this would be quicker to use and more fuss free.
Soap & Glory Supercat Liner
Liquid eyeliners always look more black than kohl and since I got a felt tip like liquid eyeliner with a past Glossybox I've never looked back. I love how effortlessly you can get a cat eye flick and the staying powder has been good. I've never tried this Soap & Glory one but I do want to now my other is running out.
So that's my current lustings, if you have tried any of these products I would appreciate your opinions so if you want to leave me a comment I would be grateful. X
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