Friday, 28 December 2012

Vans cute bow coin purse

On a day to day basis I use my bigger Iron Fist purse as it fits all my cards in etc but I love this little purse for a night out or if I'm using a smaller handbag.
The material feels really good quality and the fact it has a big bow on the front is a huge plus for me as I love anything with bows on.
It also has a keyring at the top which I find useful to attach my door key to on a night out. It's designed so you can attach it to your jeans loop so you don't need to take a bag out with you but I wouldn't use it for that as it would bug me bouncing around and I think it would look stupid.
Vans have called it the skulls and bows purse but I can't see a skull in sight so that's kind of odd, but overall its very cute and also practical so I give it the thumbs up :-)

I was lucky enough to get this item for free from my Vans rep, this is one of my favorite things about working in a skateboard/bmx shop as we sometimes get free samples. It helps me to sell and promote the brand and looks good to customers if we are seen using it ourselves. Also i love getting samples as you get to use them before they even hit the shops! So you are always one season ahead. If I'm shopping on eBay I always look for brands selling there samples as they are usually cheap.

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