Monday, 31 December 2012

My favorite day and evening wear lipsticks

This Maybelline Super Stay 24hr Colour is great for everyday or party wear. I have it in 2 colours. I have a bright red called 510 Red Passion which is for when I'm going out and the other Forever Heather is for everyday wear. It comes in two parts, one is the lip stain which you apply and leave to set for a few minutes then apply the balm. It's the balm which helps to keep the colour. I ate out at Nandos the other day and ate my meal and had 2 drinks and this lipstick was still perfectly applied. You don't need to be afraid to have a drink with this one as usually you have a drink and all your colour is gone. It's a bargain at less than a tenner and it lasts for ages too.
My favorite lipstick is Lancome L'Absolu Nu in Rose which I wore on my wedding day it is super comfortable to wear and I have a matching lip liner which is important to use as it helps to keep the colour longer. I only wear my Lancome ones on special occasions as it is rather pricey.
If you want the colour to last longer with a normal lipstick here's a little tip. After applying your foundation use a bit of face powder over your lips as a base, then use the lip liner around the edge of your lips and colour your lips until your about half way in and then finally apply the lipstick and blend them in together. This will give you longer wear. I still carry a mini version of the lipstick around in my handbag just in case I need to reapply. It is important that your lip liner is exactly the same shade as your lipstick so that means buying the same brand and colour so you know for definite or it will look odd. It looks ugly when people have a dark outline around the whole of their lips because of their liner. Not everyone wants to look like Jodie Marsh.
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