Monday, 23 June 2014

Revlon Colorburst Matte & Lacquer Balms

So it seems every blogger has been raving about these matte balms for the past few months now, and while I'm currently going through another lip crayon phase I thought I'd give them ago.

I was hoping that Boots or Superdrug might have had a 3 for 2 on but no such luck! The best I found was Boots had them at 2 for £10. Which is still a bargain. Whilst I am currently 9 months pregnant about to pop I've been a recluse so I've not been able to get out and swatch these babies for myself. I've had to rely on online swatches which isn't the best.

I got one of each line, there are currently 10 shades of each available which is a great choice! But for me alot of the colours in the matte balms don't appeal as they all look rather bright and loud. I opted for the following -

205 Elusive - Matte (left swatch)
105 Demure - Lacquer (right swatch)

My initial thought was urgh Elusive looks like a darker pink than I expected, as it had been described as a 'everyday pink' and 'my lips but better'. As you can see from the swatch though it is very pigmented and not something I would feel comfortable in for work, as it is not a nude pink lip in anyway shape or form.

I love the packaging, as from a distance you can tell which is matte and which is lacquer due to the finish of the tube. The packaging feels sturdy and well made compared to my Rimmel Colour Rush Balms which are more plasticy and cheap looking.

Both products have a mint scent and tingle when applied. It smells like strong chewing gum. I'm not a fan but it wouldn't stop me buying the product.

Lacquer Balm - Verdict
I love these as this is my favourite finish of the two. They glide on the lip easy and the colour can be built up. The colour payoff does not stain nor does it last long but these are only meant to be a balm. They feel more nourishing on the lips compared to the Rimmel Colour Rush Balms.
I love how glossy and non sticky the formula is.
My colour choice Demure is a nice pinky nude. Yes it has glitter in it so stay away if you don't like that but I am really happy with this. I now want colours Provacateur and Teese.

Matte Balm - Verdict
These give great colour payoff with just one swipe across the lips, the pigmentation is amazing and can be built up for full colour. The staying power isn't very good a couple of hours at most.
I don't find the mattes as nourishing as the lacquers I also feel like it shows any dry patches on my lips and makes them look worse. I don't like the colour choices as I feel they are all too bold for my liking and un-natural looking. I won't be buying anymore from this range.

Have you tried any balms from either range and which did you prefer?

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