Wednesday, 25 June 2014

On My Radar

Here are some items that are currently on my radar!
Fiorelli Perry Bag RRP £45, Sale £22.50
This summer it is all about small bags where I can just carry my essentials around with me. This is very unlike me as I usually like carrying around a giant horde of stuff. Anyway soon when my baby is born (anyday now) I will have my Pink Lining Yummy Mummy changing bag to carry around with me so I want to streamline my own bits and bobs.
Charlotte Tilbury - Dolca Vita Palette £38
Yes the price is a little steep for 4 eyeshadow but the look that gives looks breathtakingly stunning. You can get both day and night looks from this. No matter what you say I will find a way to justify the hefty price tag for this. I just need it ok.
Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade - Dark Brown £15
I never feel 'done' until I have my eyebrows made up. I currently use Benefits Brow Zings which completely transformed my life. I am useless with pencils but now this product has perked up my interest as it has received such good reviews everywhere. Also it would just be a one step process rather than the 2 with the Benefit product. Anything to make my life easier.
New Look Coral/Tan Sandal £15.99
I am so sick of wearing flip flops but I am struggling to fit my 9 month pregnant cankles into anything else and probably not even these but as she is due anyday (please god today?) I am told my feet will go back or normal more or less immediately after the birth. So what a nice way to celebrate than with some new summer sandals. These will also go with lots of outfits and the above Fiorelli bag (see where I am going with that). These were on sale on ASOS for £12 but they've just sold out boo! But luckily for me i managed to bag the last of my size just in the nick of time.
Bare Minerals Marvellous Moxie Lipstick - Speak Your Mind £13.95
I remember seeing swatches of this on a blog ages ago (can't remember which) and it's just stuck with me as looking gorgeous on. It was like the everyday perfect pinky hue. I have not forgot about it and really should take the time out to swatch it for myself. As I've recently learned that looking at swatches online is completely useless as they can look totally different on you and in real life in general.
So that's it my current lustings. Unfortunately most are high end so I will have to continue to want but seriously they all look gorgeous! Let me know what you are currently craving? Or if you have found any bargains.
Jodie x
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