Thursday, 19 June 2014

Rimmel Lasting Finish Colour Rush Lip Balms

So since last summer when the Clinique Chubby Sticks took off it seems that every brand has jumped on the bandwagon. Some do it better than others (Bourjois Peach on the Beach is still one of my favs) so here are Rimmels latest take on the all famous lip crayon. These ones are part of the Rita Orla line and I have the colours:
100 - Give Me A Cuddle
A light pink, this one is a great pick for everyday wear. It is a little bit glossy and leaves behind a stain. The colour payoff is initially very good but like most lip balms the colour isn't super long wearing or anything. At best it would last a few hours. These smell delicious a little bit like Mac lipsticks. I do find this one to be abit drying though. I don't know if it's just my lips but if they are abit dry this will cling to any dry patches and make them look worse.
600 -  On Fire (pictured on lips) 
This is a nice red coral shade. It can look like a bright true red in some lights but it is more of a pinkier light red with orange tones. It is perfect to test the waters into a bright lip territory without fully committing to a bold red lip. It is nice and glossy and like the other colour it leaves behind some staining and initially the colour payoff is very good but the staying power isn't great. These do smell very good and I like the formula but they don't feel as smooth as the Kate lipsticks. These don't feel like they are nourishing on my lips in the slightest but they don't feel heavy on the lips like a lipstick. I do really like them.
I decided to try the Rimmel ones over all the other ones out these as I love the Rimmel Kate lipsticks so much! I love everything about them and I was hoping that I would love these just as much but I don't. As previously mentioned I do find the Give Me A Cuddle colour abit drying and I don't find them super longlasting as it advertises. I am keen to try the Revlon lip crayons as they might be more on the nourishing side. I will still happily wear these this summer and they will be a staple in my handbag but I am yet to find the ultimate lip crayon of my dreams.
Have you tried these and what did you think?
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