Thursday, 19 June 2014

Pregnancy Update - Week 37, full term!

So I am currently 37 weeks + 4 days pregnant and I am now classed as 'full term' meaning that Sophia could make a appearance any day now and be perfectly healthy.

Since my last update my health did take a bad turn as at one of my routine appointments my blood pressure was alot higher than usual. I was sent to the hospital for further blood pressure monitoring. I had to have blood tests (urgh I hate having my blood taken) and urine tests for pre eclampsia. My blood and urine where fine and my blood pressure settled down after a couple of hours. So after a long evening in the hospital me and my husband where sent home. I was told that they wanted to keep a closer eye on me and for me to see the midwife twice a week for blood pressure testing.
So a few days later it's test time again and my blood pressure is crazy high, higher than before verging on the danger zone so it's back off to the hospital. It continued to sky rocket and I was given a drug to bring it under control which I now have to take twice a day. I was kept in overnight and it was a very scary experience I thought that I was going to be Induced or given a C section at any moment. All through it Sophia was monitored and she was doing fine, she kept kicking the monitor off her I guess she didn't like it. Before they released me the next afternoon we even got a bonus scan to check her growth and position and all is good. She is head down ready to come out and estimated to be nearly 7lbs which is a healthy weight. So now I'm off work and have to rest as much as I can, I still see my midwife twice a week and I'm currently playing the waiting game (not very patiently) it's up to her to decide to when she wants to come out.

No matter what I only have a few weeks to go until my new life as a mother begins. It is very daunting and scary but exciting as I am so ready.
My body has felt alot different these past couple of weeks due to the extra weight. It is virtually impossible to get up out of bed and my hips hurt alot as I have to sleep on my sides. My swollen feet have not gone down and are sore. I got my first stretch mark which was upsetting but inevitable none the less. I pee even more which I thought was impossible but I guess not. Also my boobs have started to do their thing, it's nice to know that they work haha. Apart from that the only other difference is the fatigue. It is like the first trimester all over again I am so tired! I usually can't make it through a full day without a nap. So there is it i am near the end and feeling pretty miserable and sorry for myself. I need to rest and save energy for my impending labour which I am terrified of but I keep thinking of the moment when I will be able to hold Sophia in my arms and see her little face and it will all be worth while.

My bump picture here if from my 35th week I have since got bigger so i will have to take another picture and update you guys. X

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