Sunday, 23 March 2014

Benefit How To Look The Best At Everything Kit - Light

So in the few years that I have been into Benefit I've never really wanted this kit. I'd read quite a few reviews that said the light shade in this kit was far too dark and orangey so not to bother, so I always stayed away.
My skin is light but by no means the fairest out there and I have had the full size Hello Flawless Powder in Ivory before which I really liked until I dropped it and it crumbled into ashes :-( I've also tried both Boi-ing concealers in the various concealer kits before and already have the full size in the light shade. So why did I want this you ask? Well for a few reasons I'm currently 6 months pregnant and want a quick way to get ready and have everything just there in one kit, also I love the Porefessional and mine has ran out. I've also heard that they have changed this kit to make the shades actually light? I don't know 100% but now this kit contains ivory colours where before I think it was Champagne.

I do have a very nice and expensive Lancome foundation but I don't wear foundation daily and it seems like a lot of faffing about that I can't be bothered with right now.
So I bought this kit of my 27th birthday last week and my first thoughts where that it's small. Very small! but you do get a good few products for the £25.50 price tag. Also just look how cute the packaging is, can we just take a moment to admire it please. It looks just like a little book how cute!

Anyway now that I have been using this for a week or so i am in awe of it as it is perfect for my skin and it's quick and easy. Most importantly I don't find it too dark or orange and it gives me a very natural look. The finish is not full coverage I'd say light-medium which I am happy with. The foundation is SPF 25 and is very comfortable to wear. I definitely will buy the full size Porefessional and Oxygen Wow when these run out. I also already loved the Boi-ing concealer as it is so heavy duty and covers so well. Here you get shades 1 and 2 so I like to use them both together as 1 alone can look abit too light for me if I have my photo taken with a flash on I'm like whoa too light.
This kit is definitely worth the money and I love it all apart from the powder brush that is too small and thin to do anything.

Inside this kit you get:
- Porefessional 7.5ml
- Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation in Ivory 7ml
- Boi-ing 1 & 2 at 1.5g each
- Hello Flawless in Ivory 4g.

This kit comes in light, medium or deep shades and if you have overlooked it before like me then I recommend having a rethink to see if it suits your needs now. X

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