Wednesday, 26 March 2014

New Cat Print Vans Authentics

So you may already know that I work in a skate/bmx shop and I am lucky enough to help with the upcoming seasons buying and I have to say Vans is usually my favourite appointment. As the rep is so lovely and is sometimes kind enough to throw me the odd free sample or two but most of all I love seeing the new seasons prints and here are my favourites for this Spring/Summer. I had to pre order these about 6 months ago and they have just arrived through our shop doors today. Sadly we are not selling these for you to buy as my bosses were optimistic that they would sell well so they just ordered the one pair for me but I'm sure that you can pick them up at your local Vans store or Schuh.
As a crazy cat lady these are my ultimate pair of Vans and they are available in the best selling Authentic style! They also do a matching backpack and snap back cap. These are classed as unisex and are available in sizes uk3 and up. They are in collaboration with the ASPCA charity to raise awareness of cruelty against animals. They also have some products with dogs on. You can buy these shoes directly from Vans here
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