Sunday, 16 March 2014

My Favourite Maternity Clothes

So there's no better excuse for a wardrobe overhaul than when your pregnant and your clothes no longer fit. I have trawled for hours online to find that all my favourite high street stores no longer stock maternity clothes in there shops anymore it's all online only. This is very frustrating as I would have liked to have seen them and tried them on first. Most maternity collections are pants I have found that my favourites are from New Look and Asos, not to mention any ebay bargains that you can bag.

Anyway I am lucky to be due a summer baby so I can get lots of cute spring/summer clothes to wear. Here is what I am currently wearing:

New Look V Neck Red Tea Dress £22.99
This is just stunning and it can be worn casual or dressed up. I wear it with black maternity leggings and some black ankle boots.

New Look Navy Butterfly Print Dress
Like most of the new look dresses they also make them for their normal none maternity line. The material on this is nice and loose and thin so it's very breathable and comfortable to wear. It clings to you in just the right places. Again I wear this with black leggings and black ankle boots until it gets warmer.

Asos Star Print Dress
This has a tie at the back and it has a nice length to it. I've seen so many short maternity dresses just urgh there is no need for that. My above dresses are all just above the knee so not too short. The material of this is quite thick so it may be too warm for summer but I am enjoying wearing it for now. It can be worn with some cute flat shoes or boots. I bought this brand new with tags from ebay at the bargain price of £12.99

ASOS Ridley Skinny Jeans Mid Wash £22.99
These are just beautiful they are very flattering and nice and skinny. I have some gap skinny jeans which are not skinny in the slightest. It's also hard to find under the bump maternity jeans that don't fall down with the elasticated waist band but these don't. They are tight on the bottom of the leg so if I do get the dreaded pregnancy candles I will have to give these a miss.

New Look Striped Knit Cardigan Shell Pink £17.99
This is from there normal line and is the perfect spring summer cover up to go over my dresses or tshirts. I love the very pale pink colour and it's very comfortable to wear.

These are my favourite pieces but I have lots more of New Look pieces that I love dearly such as their maternity tshirts and leggings. The material and fit is just right. I also feel the need to mention bras as wearing a bra when pregnant is not easy. Due to the extreme soreness in the first trimester I had to go bra free most of the time and when my sickness was bad I didn't want any tight band around my mid section as it made me want to be sick even more. So the answer is to get a bra with no underwire or padding! As easy as it sounds they were hard to find I found my favourites from mothercare which also have clips for when I want to breastfeed which will be handy.

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