Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Benefit Some Kind a Gorgeous - Lite

I hardly use foundation because I don't like my make up to look to built up and fake. I have the Benefit Hello Flawless powder but it has recently crumbled into a million pieces which sucks as I don't remember dropping it. Anyway I bought this a few months ago as it marketed as a foundation faker so it should make my completion look good but feel lightweight on my skin and not give a cakey make up look.

First thoughts: the packaging as always is divine! I am a sucker for something pretty and this is no exception as it is the shape of a record.

I got the shade lite which is the lightest that they make and it is perfect for my skin. It has a separate compartment underneath with a sponge for application. I prefer to use a foundation brush with this as the sponge feels a bit flimsy and cheap.

How does it fair: I do like the look of this is on my skin as it gives good coverage and I like the colour, but it does have a light scent which isn't to appealing. It smells a bit plasticy. Also it looks a bit shiny when on so overall this isn't my favourite complexation product.
I really want to try the Benefit playstick next. I won't use liquid foundation as it's not my thing and it feels like too much faffing about getting ready.

Verdict: 3/5 this is nothing special in my eyes.

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