Sunday, 16 December 2012

My make up bag favorite products.

Here are my favorite bits from my make up bag.
I don't wear make up everyday, I'm not one of those girls who won't be seen dead without their 'face on', but I do know what I like.
I usually keep my make up to a minimum but my favorite eye shadow pallet is this by Saffron I find there colours are really vibrant and keep well. I have a Lancome quad here that I love too but I usually wear one of the Saffron eye shadows.

I hardly wear foundation but I hate the look of cheap cakey foundation so after some advice from a nice Debenhams make up counter lady I found this Lancome one to be the best as I am surprisingly pale. This foundation has a flawless finish and I wore it on my wedding day and I've had a few compliments on it. At £30 its not the cheapest but definitely worth investing in also it lasts ages. Another good point is you don't need concealer with it.
Also make sure you get a decent foundation brush to put it on as there is no point getting expensive foundation and then buying a cheap shit brush as it will make a difference. I bought a Lancome brush rrp £18.

Eyebrow shadow by Revlon I prefer the powder for my eyebrows rather that using a pencil, when I use a pencil I find they look to fake and drawn on because that's exactly what that it. The powder looks more natural and goes on nice and dark seeing as my hair is black the dark brown here looks fine.

I find this new chunky Max factor eye liner for smokey eyes perfect. I will definitely get one again. It also has a smudge tip. It is nice and dark and goes on thick. A tip that I was given by the Lancome make up lady from Debenhams was not to use eyeliner on all of your eye, just use it from half way across your bottom lid outwards to open your eye more and I find it really works.

Benefit liquid blusher, and this is great and lasts forever. It is really easy to blend and isn't too red when on. Some make you look like a clown but this doesn't. I actually got it free with a magazine but when it runs out I will definitely buy one.

Lancome mini mascara in black. It is hard to find a decent mascara that actually does what it's advertised to do. I've tried loads of high street brands Revlon, Max factor, Avon etc and this is the best yet. It goes on really nice and doesn't clump. This one isn't a waterproof one.

Rimmel stay matt concealer. I use this most days to hide any darkness under my eyes. I prefer this concealer on a stick as the last one I tried was a liquid Avon one and it went on awful and it dried in the lines of the brush strokes. But with this being on a stick you can easily blend it with your finger.

I have a Lancome lip liner here that matches my Lancome lipstick I carry in my handbag. At first I was unsure about lip liner as I didn't want to look like Jodie Marsh but as it is the same colour as my lipstick its important in keeping the colour of my lipstick lasting longer. I wore it on my wedding day and I didn't need to reapply my lipstick at all during the day.

Last but not least my Lancome make up remover this is definitely a essential and is kind to my skin, you definitely need this if you have been wearing foundation and it's a life saver when getting off my eye make up so I don't wake up with panda eyes.

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