Monday, 17 December 2012

Fashion hits and misses of the year.

2012 has seen a lot of fashion trends from the good to the bad to damn right ugly. Here is my take on the fashion trends of the year:

- Oversized parka coats, I'm so glad these are back in, everyone should have one.

- Fishtail dip hems, I love this style as you can still wear a short skirt or dress but it covers the back of my thighs, an area I don't like to display. New look did some great dip hem skirts this year. I got a leopard print one from Primark that I wore on my hen night, teamed with a black vest top.

- Faux fur coats, I have always loved these as they are a great way to dress a outfit up. Also I am always cold so a jacket is a necessity for me on a night out. The only down side is that they are usually dry clean.

- Cat prints, since Victoria Beckham released a cat print dress for Spring 2012 loads of high street stores have been copying it. Since I am a crazy cat lady I have been loving the trend.

- Pale pink lipstick, this was a thing earlier in the year and I don't think it looked good on anyone. It is too pale and looks very odd and is unflattering for any skin colour.

- Onesies, everyone seems to have one from my 11 year old sister to my 53 year old mother and I do not intend to follow the crowd with this one. I am not a fan I will stick with my Pj's.

- Ostrich feather style jumpers, these are just ugly and make you look like a extra from Sesame Street.

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