Monday, 31 December 2012

Ugg boots are like marmite

Everyone either loves or loathes them and I love them. I had some a couple of of years ago but threw them away after I'd worn them out.
I did try some Iron Fist fug boots if you've seen my post about it then you will know that they were rubbish. So I was determined to save up some money and invest in some nice warm Ugg boots for this winter.
I decided on the grey short ones and I love them already! Usually when I come home from work I take off my Nike Mavrks and socks and my feet still feel cold to touch, which is crazy I know but I'm always cold. So I came home from work after wearing my Ugg boots for the first time with no socks and my feet where toasty warm I was in heaven :-)
So even if Ugg boots aren't the prettiest thing or the most rock chick thing to wear they are my guilty pleasure this winter.

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