Monday, 24 December 2012

My hair styling products

I wash with TRESemme smoothing shampoo and conditioner and then the hard part of styling begins. My hair is thick which if I leave it to dry naturally it takes about 12 hours and will dry wavey so I always blow dry and then straighten.
At the minute my hair is in a shoulder length angled bob so I can't just not be arsed and tie it up one day, as it won't fit into a bobble so styling it is a must.
In no particular order here are the hair styling products and tools that I use on a regular basis.

TRESemme - Iron style and hold spray:
I use this after I wash my hair I slightly towel dry my hair and then use this spray all over my hair about 5 squirts. Then I comb and part my hair to the right hand side. This is used to prevent heat damage when styling.

TRESemme - volume powder: I don't use this all the time but I like to have it in, it gives my hair that extra lift from the roots. Also with it being white powder you think it would leave white dandruff like flakes in your hair especially with mine being so dark, but it doesn't it is amazing.

Hair clip: I use this to clip my hair up in sections while I style it. I wouldn't even like to attempt styling my hair without doing it in sections. My hair is quite thick so it takes ages to dry and style. I usually do it in quarters.

Wide tooth comb - I use this to comb and part my hair while it's still wet. I don't brush it when it's soaking wet as it is bad for your hair and causes split ends.

Tigi Small Paddle Brush - for blow drying it straight.

Tigi Medium Radial Brush - for blow drying the ends under and helps to give volume. I mostly use this brush when blow drying as I like it all curled under at the bottom.

Backcombing brush - I don't use this very often but it is for backcombing the back to give it extra lift and volume. I use this along with the TRESemme volume powder.

Nicky Clarke Hairdryer - I've still not picked up the perfect art of blow drying hair like my hairdresser does. But I've picked up a few tips.

GHD Staightners - I need some new ones soon as they keep turning off I'm guessing to a loose connection boo. They are great straighteners though. They heat up super fast and straighten nice and smooth.

Remington hot brush - I use this after I've straightened it just to make sure all the ends are turned under.

TRESemme hairspray to finish off. This smells really good too :-)

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