Saturday, 5 October 2013

My top 8 favourite lipsticks

I love all make up but most of all I love lipsticks and then blushers. I love to collect them especially the high end ones which is turning out to be a expensive hobby oops.
Here are my current top 8 favourite lipsticks, it was hard choosing them but here they are from left to right in the swatch picture (opposite way  in the other 2) -
8. Mac Viva La Gaga - Lustre
This is a gorgeous light pink and it is a little more sheer than the creamsheen formula. It again feels comfortable to wear and smells of the usual Mac vanilla
7. Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish Matte - 111 Kiss of Life
Seeing as this is a cheap lipstick I was very impressed with this formula as it feels nice on and is quite longlasting. It isn't too matte and it smells really nice too. It isn't YSL standard but it isn't YSL price either. Definitely a winner for Rimmel.
6. YSL Rouge Pur Couture - 01 Le Rouge
This is the perfect bright red lipstick. It smells gorgeous and the formular is nice and creamy and it feels very comfortable on the lip. This is highly pigmented so if you smudge it at all it is going to stain. You definitely need a lip liner with this. I keep this lipstick for special occasions. The only downside is it isn't long wearing. You get about 2-3 hours before needing to re apply.
5. The Body Shop Colour Crush 110
I love this range of lipsticks by The Body Shop and I definitely want more. They feel good quality and are very comfortable on the lips. They also have a great colour payoff and have just the right amount of shine. Also as a nice touch they have a rose scent.
4.YSL Rouge Volupte Shine - 15 Corail Intuitive
This is the perfect daytime lipstick as it only has abit of colour, it is like my natural lip colour but better. The Rouge Volupte Shine Lipsticks are hard to describe as they are pigmented but not as opaque as others so this one is a little sheer. They feel like more of a moisturising balm on the Balm's. These smell the best out of any lipstick that I've had, they smell gorgeous and fruity I think it's peach.
3. Mac Pro Longwear Lipcream - To The Future
This is my perfect nude lip lipstick, it isn't too light light Mac Myth which I also have. This colour is a my lips but better and it is my everyday lipstick for work. Also the fact that it's a pro longwear formula means that it lasts a good 5 hours plus for me which is longer than the usual 3 hours I get from a Mac Creamsheen. If you are looking to get a nude lip colour I can't recommend this one enough. I love how the formula is more creamy as it glides on nice and smooth and feels very comfortable to wear as sometimes with a Creamsheen I can find them a bit dry to apply. I also like how the bullet and packaging is a different shape. It makes it feel a bit more special and as these are slightly pricier than the usual Mac lipsticks it is worth it for this formula.
2. Mac Creamsheen - Ravishing
This is my favourite Mac lipstick that I own and I've mentioned it enough on my blog so I won't repeat myself. It is just a gorgeous orangey pinky peach, it is hard to describe but it is a gorgeous subtle coral colour on the lips. You can get away with wearing this in the day and the formula is nice and creamy and it has the usual gorgeous vanilla mac scent. Every time I went to a Mac counter I found myself instantly reaching for this shade, so from then I knew that it was a must have for me.
1.YSL Rouge Volupte Shine - 14 Corail In Touch
So here it is my number one lipstick and it's no surprise that it's a YSL one. It is a gorgeous bright peachy coral colour that is perfect for any occasion. I cannot rate this range of lipsticks enough I want every colour which is absurd but I think they are discontinuing them now (queue hysterical crying). This shade is my perfect coral and in love everything about the formula. They are nice and glossy when applied but after that fades it leaves a nice stain on the lips underneath. These aren't the most longwearing lipsticks that I own but they are by far the prettiest.
So they are my favourite lipsticks at the moment i have many more on my wishlist that I hope to buy soon, but these will still get lots of use. Do you share any of my favourites?
Jodie x

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