Thursday, 3 October 2013

My top 3 Mac coral lipsticks

So what it's Autumn a berry lip is not to everyone's taste. Coral is still my favourite lip shade and here are my top 3 Mac coral lipstick shades. Due to the fact that in YSL's Fall range for example you will find a new coral shade in the pur couture lipstick line (shade 51 in looking at you - my next purchase hopefully) proves that coral lips are not over just because it's Autumn. I love them all and I'm listing my favourite Mac ones here from the lightest to the darkness shade.

Coral Bliss - Creamsheen
This is a perfect everyday coral. Creamsheen is my favourite mac formula as it is very pigmented and creamy on the lips.

Ravishing - Creamsheen
This is just utter perfection in a lipstick it is just stunning. It is subtle enough on the lips for daytime wear as it's not too bright but there's definitely a coral pop of the lips on this one.

Vegas Volt - Amplified
Ooh this could be my favourite yet as it is super pigmented and brighter than Ravishing. This is my evening wear coral choice as it a statement lip colour but again if your not confident enough to wear a bright red or bright orange then this is definitely for you. This one is like Ravishing but better as it's a deeper coral and brighter. It looks gorgeous on too.

I love all 3 of these and wear them frequently and I have a coral shade to fit every mood. I am a coral lipstick obsessive and I think there is something for everyone here. Please let me know what you think and what is your favourite.
In the swatch picture they are in the same order from left to right - Coral Bliss, Ravishing and then Vegas Volt.

Jodie x

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