Monday, 10 June 2013

Benefit World Famous Neutrals - Most Glamorous Nudes Ever

I'm a sucker for any of the Benefit kits they are always gorgeous and are a great way of testing out the products before buying any full size ones.
Most of them have a how to guide as well which show you how to use the make up step by step to get your desired look.
I decided to go for this eyeshadow pallette over the other 2 available as the colours of the shadows are great for everyday. You can easily go from day to night within this one pallette. Also with them being neutral shades I can wear them to work. The sexy pallette that they do is gorgeous too but I wouldn't get as much use of it as I do this one. I have had it a few months now and It is my go to eye pallette on a daily basis. Also you wouldn't think it from looking at it as it still looks new. This will last for ages!

My first impression of it was that it was smaller than I thought it is tiny, but as we know good things come in small packages ;-)
It is designed to look like a book and it has a magnetic closure. You don't get any brushes with it which was a bit of a negative for me but overall i love it!
Inside you get 2 creaseless creme shadows and 4 longwear powder shadows which are:
Creme shadows - Birthday Suit & My Two Cents
Powder shadows - Call My Buff, Glit-y Pleasure, It's Complicated and Kiss Me, I'm Tipsy.

They all complement each other perfect of course and you get a make up lesson inside which shows you how to achieve the most  glamorous daytime and night time looks using the shadows. My favourite is probably the daytime one as I love the highlight shadows as they really help me to look awake.

In the swatches the colours from L to R are: birthday suit, my two cents, call my buff, it's complicated, gilt-y pleasure and kiss me, I'm tipsy. All the colours are nice and pigmented and last all day. You can even use the darker one to line the eyes if you don't have a liner handy. This kit is very light and would be perfect for travelling or everyday use.
What is your favourite pallette in any brand?

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