Saturday, 1 June 2013

Benefit concealer comparison for fair skin. Boi-ing, Fake Up & Erase Paste

I have very pale skin and there are so many concealers out there in a bazillian shades so which will suit you best? Here I have compared my favourites in the lightest shades that Benefit make.

From left to right in the swatch they are:
1. Erase Paste shade fair
2. Boi-ing shade 01
3. Fake Up shade light

Even though they are all the same brand the colours and textures are very different, so it is best to try out samples before committing to a full size product. You can do this by trying out the product at your local Benefit counter for free.

Erase Paste: 4/5 - best at brightening the eye area.

Pros - This is a amazing concealer for under the eyes as it brightens as well as conceals. It really does make the dark circles and discolouration dissappear and leaves the eye area looking more bright and youthful.
Cons - I find it creases really bad and that I have to constantly smooth it out under my eyes throughout the day. Also it not the best at covering blemishes compared to the other two.

Boi-ing: 5/5 - best coverage.

Pros: This is my favourite concealer and my go to product on a daily basis. I really need to buy the full size product of this one.
This concealer as described by Benefit is industrial strength and it lives up to its name. It is more matte than the other two which I love as no one wants to looks shiny. This conceals the dark circles under the eyes flawlessly it looks very natural and matches my skin tone perfectly. This one is the best at covering blemishes and any red areas around the nose, as any discolouration instantly dissappears.
Cons: it does crease a little bit under the eye.

Fake Up: 3/5 - best at not creasing.

Pros: This has the prettiest packaging and is perfect for carrying around in your handbag for any daily touch ups.
Unlike the others it moisturises the skin as well as concealing what a nice bonus. The best thing about this concealer as unlike the other two it doesn't crease under the eye which is great!. Also the colour matches my skin tone better than the Erase Paste.
Cons: for me this doesn't give the best coverage it is like a mixture of the other two. It doesn't give as good coverage as Boi-ing but it does brighten a bit like the Erase Paste. It is definitely a good concealer and I would still recommend it but for me it isn't as good as the other two.

Please let me know what you think is the best concealer for you and why. I hope I have helped some undecided ladies which concealer to get who are pale like me.

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